Discussion in 'Europe' started by High Agane, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. High Agane

    High Agane Registered+

    lol im keith from NYC over here in basel switzerland to live now
    im lookin for ANYONE lol that can speak some english atleast

  2. andych

    andych Registered

    hi keith..
    scottish living in ibach
    how are you doing?
  3. swiss chick

    swiss chick Registered

    I live in Geneva. HOw do you like Switzerland? To me, it's paradise!
  4. s7ber

    s7ber Registered+

    Hey swiss chick, I live in Lausanne. Where you from originally?
  5. tr1

    tr1 Registered

    Based in Basel as well and very new to the city

    Hi to all

    Basel is nice indeed but very new to me - barely 2 months.

    But where is everybody ? Can't connect though it's said to be all over the city

    Help very much appreciated


  6. Ganj

    Ganj Registered+

    Basel...Isn't that where Albert Hoffman put the finishing touch on the psychedelic compound, LSD?
  7. Peach003

    Peach003 Registered

    yupp thats my friends grandfather or a least someone on in her family... XD

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