Low budget, homemade hydroponics nutrients?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by jnewcs, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. jnewcs

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    Being on a low budget I am looking to save a few bucks. Anyone have some low cost DIY recipes?

    Ive heard of people putting Guano in panty hose and placing it in their reservoir as a nutrient. Anyone have any info on home made foods?

  2. dkm287

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    Buy some brickweed, it's easier to buy shitty weed than to cheap out and grow shitty weed
  3. polishpollack

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    dkm, it's ferts, not plant type.
    The answer is, don't be cheap. If you want it to work how about Dynagrow 7-9-5? It's a complete fert in a single bottle. You won't have to buy additives unless you want to push it. Bat guano is really only good for phosphorus. A bottle of Dynagrow will give all the NPK and micronutes plants need. best of luck
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  4. tinytoon

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    PP is correct. There are quite a few companys that run 1 bottle for grow and 1 for bloom. GH for example would be Flora Nova Grow and Bloom.
  5. Lynhal

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    :thumbsup:I agree with the other posters. Get the right nutes you will be happy in the end.
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    HAZESSS Registered

    Hey man I'm a Newbie, I'm currently doing my first grow. I purchased today Ionic Grow for Veg, and then I will need Ionic Bloom for flower and thats it. According to my local hydro store this will work find for me.
  7. polishpollack

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    That will work fine provided that the ferts are complete, has all the macro and micronutes plants need. It could be that something is missing but you don't know that until you read the contents and compare that with what plants need to grow without deficiency.
  8. Lowrider999

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    Hi, Do you recommend the GH Hydro directions as on bottle? At what PPM's? TIA :)
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  9. polishpollack

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    I've never used GH's products but it's probably a good idea to follow the directions on the container. But you're right in that alot of these companies do not give you exact instructions on how to use, how much and how often (which sucks). You might be able to get info on this from their website. Rusty has said that Foxfarm has feeding schedules on their site and maybe GH does too. If I were to guess, I'd say that around 700 ppm while they're small and raise it as they grow, perhaps to a max of around 1200. That's just a guess. In hydro a pH range might be 5.8 to 6.5, soil a little higher 5.8 to 7.0.
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  10. Lowrider999

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  11. tinytoon

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    GH's website is way to strong a mix ( for there 3-part nutes). Tried it once and almost killed everything I had in less than a week. N way to much. As for the bottle, it is allot closer but running about 2/3-3/4 of their mix from the bottles gives great results without any burn.
  12. Purple Daddy

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    Try miracle grow, it's cheap and works! A lot of people bad mouth it but if you don't over fertilize with it then it works just fine, I'd probably stay away from any feces based fertilizer because indoors it can create an unpleasant odor!

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