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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by DatFiRe, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    what are some low odor strains but potent too from nirvana i was thinking about either ice or jock herber and i dont want any NL casue i been growing it too much

    i dont want no odor i just want low odor
  2. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    i was think about gettin NL X BB but i heard it lacks in potency even thought it has very good yeild
  3. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    any feedbacK????
  4. marimbas

    marimbas Registered+

    ice is similar to white widow, and thats a smelly plat, jack horror or however its called in the different stores, its smelly, i havnt grown any but a friend of mine does and its smelly.
    im growing some citral right now, and its smelly so i dont know, but the ones you recomend are high odor plants, for what i know...

    the only plant i grew that didnt even had an odor, was a mexican sativa, wich was a weak strain and not that powerfull... so Good luck
  5. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    what about NL X big bud?

    did anybody grow this strain yet??

    D3STRUCT Registered+

  7. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    whoever has tried NL x BB can u tell me how potent it is compare to other strains and like how many hits does it take an average smoker to get high?
  8. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    my friend grew female seeds nlXbb and it was a good smoke 2-3 boals will get you fried, no two hit wonder, but above average.

    SPLIFFBUILDER Registered+

    i've grown nlXbb many time's it just get's better every time i grow it,very nice high,easy to grow,pretty mold resistant an a good yeild,she smell's a bit but not as bad as some!!hope this help's..love an respect..spliffbuilder.
  10. DatFiRe

    DatFiRe Registered+

    thanks for ur reponse but i seen another low odor strain named chrystal

    ww X NL

    anybody ever try it?????
  11. marimbas

    marimbas Registered+

    man to get rid of the odor i put a huge candle close to my plants, those candles that come inside a glass, (religious type) you can get them with coconut smell, and those kill the odor of the weed, you can also get some candles that are inside of glasses and big sized for cigar smells, those kill odors as well, the problem is that youll have to buy a few... but you wont get any odor!! =)

    you can also get like a bathroom deodorant, thatll help... if i were you i would go whatever, and try to kill the odor somehow or reduce it the best way as possible, otherwise you are gonna might get some low odor weed, but with a lack of potency... and what a waste of time...

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