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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by highallthetime, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. highallthetime

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    OG Kush and Mysty Haze

    Hello there I am growing this 2 strains for the last 3 harvests and the yield is very small but the quality is the best I've seen and smoked in my life. I am getting between 7g and 14g per plant.

    Does anyone know if this is average ?
    What could cause low yields ?

  2. Orzy

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    Veg time? Lights? Medium? Nutrients?
  3. highallthetime

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    I veg for 10 days to keep plants small
    3 1000 W HPS
    Flora Nova Nutrients w/ Bcuzz Additives
    Spray and Grow
    C0 2

    I got much more weight growing them in hydro.

    Now I grow using soil .
  4. Orzy

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    That is a low weight, even for sog. I've seen sog's that don't even veg their clones and they yield around an oz a plant. Though.. if you're running 3k of lights I'm sure you have shit tons of plants, so you're still probably pulling a nice harvest.

    What is your average grams per square meter?

    Also, depending on what cut of ogk you have, you may just have low yielding plants. Abusive's cut has pretty poor yields and I'm not really familiar with "Mysty Haze"? Is it a kali mist/haze cross? Either way.. hazes generally don't yield too well either.
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    If you gave them a little more time to grow some roots in that soil, it might help too. Vegging is about growing root systems. IMO

    Anything less than 4-6 ounces per plant?...something's wrong..considering that much lighting. IMO
  6. highallthetime

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    Don't have much roots

    Something I saw was when I harvest the plants , there aren't that many roots in the pots, like hydro would have .

    What could affect the roots growing in soil ? ( I am pretty new at soil ) I grow hydroponically usually.

    So I should veg more time to get more roots ? , but I would have to prune them a bit , this strain keeps growing fast untill the end.
  7. Dutch Pimp

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    I have good yields with 4 weeks (soil) veg time..(sometimes even see the preflowers)...

    Prune all you want...but let the root system grow large as possible. I also like to start out seedlings in 16 oz cup, transplant to 6 inch pots. Each time letting the plants get a little bit rootbound. Then transplant into 10 inch/3 gallon pots for flowering. Roots don't grow much, once flowering has started. IMO....ps...plants should be 12-15 inches tall, start of flowering.

    Hope that helps...enjoy.
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  8. highallthetime

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    thx !

    thanks , will vegetate more next time
  9. dragonz

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    og kush didnt yield much for me.i got maybe 42 grams outdoors in 30 gallon pots with lots sun(i had two clones,from two different sources to make sure i got the real deal).lowest yield i ever got.this year i will try an og x sage cross.
  10. stinkyattic

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    OGK-A doesn't yield for SHIT for me either, and takes forever to go about it. I just wrangled the OGK-SFV to see how that cut does, because the high is unique and lovely. But I just got in the habit of stuffing an OGK in a corner of my flower room and ignoring the shit out of her while I pay more attention to the plants that are being good for mommy hahaha. That's a real 'boutique' strain. If you want yield, there are much better choices.
  11. highallthetime

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    What strain !

    What high quality strain that yields good in the shortest time and clones good , do you recommend ?

    thx 4 the help
  12. stinkyattic

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    I feel like a broken record when I tell people PURE POWER PLANT but it's true; it is a burly monster and if you like that sativa high, you will be satisfied. I have seen some absolutely premium product come out of gardens running PPP. Let me rephrase that- the best product I have ever seen from a local grower was PPP running with Canna nutes. Don't be scrrrd by the 9 week flower time. Just pot up at the end of stretch so the roots have space and fresh soil, and watch her EXPLODE.
  13. Dutch Pimp

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    I agree. I use a root stimulator too...but, not before the 3rd week of veg. I burned up some seedlings that way. (4-10-3 by ferti-lome)
  14. highallthetime

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    THX , will do
    PPP !

    More veg too.:thumbsup:

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