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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by AKickedBowl, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. AKickedBowl

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    What the coldest temperature an outdoor plant can be exposed to and still thrive? The reason i'm asking is because in a week i'm starting plants indoors and i can only keep them in there for about month before i know they'll get too big.
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    What part of the world are you in, a month from now is april 25th it should be ok every where but alaska, n canada, siberia, and the arctic cirle oh and antartica but I hear they only do indoor grows there! Good luck peace
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    Also depends on the strain. If they are sativa dominent they will require slightly higher temps to do well, while indica/afghani can cope with lower temps. :thumbsup:
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    I can tell you that in canada,we grow outdoors too..
    And we dont live in igloos either...lmao!

  5. QueBud

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    Your pretty much safe as long as the roots dont freeze so know your breed...
    I had plants outdoors till it snowed on them..

  6. AKickedBowl

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    I'm going growing brainstorm aka hempstar (northern lights 5 x haze) and i live in new york
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    Dont Worry

    I have some little gals going right now, they are around the 2000ft elevation mark and at night it gets down to like 40 degrees at the lowest. I went and checked on them the other day and they are thriving to say the least. As long as the roots arent freezing you are all good. Put some leaves and mulch over as insulation. Keep us posted
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    hey im dealing with the same temps just at a lower altitude....like 300ft. but iv had the plants inside under HPS and in COCO. Situation got kinda screwed up so im forced to throw em to the sun. we are having almost exactly 12/12 naturally...freak winter. do ya think i might have a problem due to the transfer
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    Well obviously you want to try and keep a temperature of between 70 and 75f and the closer to it the better but as long as you never go below 55f I think your plants could still thrive.
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