Lowest temps at night?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by betterhomesandgarden, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. betterhomesandgarden

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    My outside cabinet grow is ready to go into 12/12. I would rather have the lights on during the day, which would keep the closet at 75 degrees +/- 5. The night time low is around 45, and hardly ever gets in the thirties. Would the night time temps harm my plants in any way? My understanding is that as long as it does not reach freezing, my plants should be ok during no light period (night). Is this correct?

    PS: I live 35 miles NE of San Francisco.

  2. xcrispi

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    they might survive the low temps , but i'm pretty sure they won't thrive w/ the shock of the low temps . i try to not let night temps go below 60 deg. but i'm not at mother natures mercy either i'm indoors .
  3. Perp

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    Is it possible to run the lights at night? because then the temps would be ok but I don't know if 45 is too low. I don't have any experience with temps that low. I imagine that they will live but I just can't say for sure.
  4. Natural Rx

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    As long as your cabinet has NO light leaks whatsoever you'll be fine. I would definitely make sure there aren't any leaks though, you wouldn't want the sun to fuck up your photoperiod.

    Good luck.
  5. doco

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    Most of my outdoor growing was done when I lived in SF and I never had any problems but then again I was usually harvested by now to beat the rainy season. You might try some foam insulation on the inside walls of your grow cab...you can buy it in 4 x 8 sheets in different thickness...1", 1.5", etc.

    These days I get nervous when my temps get below 65 but I am spoiled rotten by the weather here in Socal.
  6. summerdelight

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    hi, i too live in bay area close to berkeley. i inherited some late bloomers and have them outside, i've brought two inside to see if they fair better than the two outside. i'm a little vague as to the efect december's chill might have on them. i actually pulled one today, it looks so close, that i thought atleast there would be one to enjoy later. good luck!!
  7. 420izzle

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    I've been surprised that my girl has survived while temps dipped into the single digits. I only have a fart-fan from my bathroom blowing into my attic grow chamber - it appears to keeps the air temp in there around freezing at night. Tough plants indeed!

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