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    Welp, it appears I may have to do some LST on my Kosher Kush girls, they're getting quite tall and shapely (fuck, man, I'm horny) and I'm afraid I'll have to top them severely or LST them.

    So, please explain HOW to properly do LST on a sexy, young thing for best results? Thanks in advance...from the dipshit newb...
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    Auxin is distributed in the plant according to the plants' basic genetics. It gives the absolutely highest top tier of growing bud sites, permission to produce all the growth hormone auxin, the plants genetics can produce.

    The plant doesn't have a switch for one tallest or a thousand tallest growing buds. All that happens is the tallest budding sites get full permission to make full growth hormone,

    and the sites below that where there's growth, are turned DOWN in their growth hormone production.

    And indeed the TIP buds on ALL the limbs, make growth hormone for that limb, and distribute it: so you want to LEVEL - every limb you can

    both with each other
    and along the length of the limb.

    A lot of times people split a limb bending the plant and this is natural, it results in a small slowdown for the plant to heal, but tape it back up and brace it with a toothpick or lollipop stick so the hurd inside the stem isn't collapsed and the limb will be fine.

    It's a little bit labor intensive to do REAL lst from day one to day last, because the PLANT will begin to TURN OFF the GROWTH HORMONE to the SITES that are two inches or so BELOW

    the highest tier of growing nodes - after about 36 hours the plant will have decided it can tell which places are tallest and those spots will begin to grow - even as other sites lag behind because the plant turned down the hormones distributed to those growing sites.

    When they grow this way they become extremely vivacious and just popping with life. Everyplace along the leveled limbs, new growth will pop out over and over - and if you lay each of those new limbs down, THEY'LL put out growth after growth.

    They also become very very dense - when they're in flower they can catch mold so monitor your mold awareness. One of the main things is to FAN AIR through those BUDS.

    You have to alternately tie limbs down - or, tie limbs up - or, sometimes on a plant, both of these ok?

    Now - that's your target. Every single growing node on the plant, at one single level. Nobody succeeds because limbs start coming out all over other limbs when the growth hormone is going crazy through the plant.

    It's a good idea, to have a piece of fence you can slide in around the bottom of the plant and attach to the top of the planter. This is called a reverse scrog or reverse, screen of green: an aid in helping you LST your plants.

    Tying plants is an art. You wind up using everything from string to wire, generally. Don't be embarrassed about how much creativity it takes to keep separating and leveling the limbs, it's part of LST - labor intensive handling - that makes people just give up on it.

    Remember: 36 hours after the last time you level the growing sites - making larger, higher sites lie lower, bringing up smaller, lower limbs and growth nodes till they're at the VERY TOP to the best of your ability - the plant is moving on forgetting about your old plans for level canopies and the plant will be trying to get those few tallest growing sites higher by allowing them to produce full hormone

    and, turning OFF those other budding sites to some degree.

    The weight gains in smokable bud come from there being dozens or hundreds of bud sites - not very big - all medium size but dense and mature - all over that top teir PLUS
    and this is very important at least for ya to know - if you keep up the leveling, leveling, leveling, till the very day you harvest - the bottom buds on the plant will all look and resemble the mature, dense, high quality buds higher in the plant, and when these heavily LST'd plants are harvested, these mature lowest buds, making smokable smokeables of high quality, edge other growth methods out in return on investment because these little buds actually add up to a fair amount of good pot.

    In non trained plants these bottoms are often very loose and not mature so there's not a lot of value in them.

    LSTing makes plants turn on to the maximum of their genetics. So every plant isn't going to become a hulked out giant. But they all do better with smokeable weight when LSTd it's just that hard core LST is so labor intensive.

    That's roughly it, you just lay shit over and if something cracks grab some tape and a toothpick and prop that shit back till the limb is no longer collapsed and keep on bending and tying, leveling and securing.

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