Lumens per plant?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Atom Bong, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. Atom Bong

    Atom Bong Registered+

    How many lumens would it take for 1 plant to live a happy life? (surrounded in mylar)
  2. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    It's a short cycle plant it's not ment to live for ever. I have kept mothers for 5 years last time but it was hard to keep her healthy the last year.

    The goal is give your plant 10,000 lumens of light or more. The more the better as long as the heat does not burn the plant.
  3. Atom Bong

    Atom Bong Registered+

    i dont mean as a mother plant, im just talking from seedling to harvest, kill it, lather. rinse. repeat
  4. karmaxul

    karmaxul Banned

    Depends on the size of the area. 1500 lumens per sq. foot. There are other factors aswell such as CO2, spectrum, and envirnment. (god damn I wrote you last night and my posts are still getting erased, WTF)

    Mothers will last forever on 24 hours light. That is why 18/6 is no good. The hormones get burnt out.
  5. mobay

    mobay Registered+

    damn karmaxul this is a new guy trying to get some help, ease up, atom bong started here 3 years after the WTC attacks, he has only 64 post since 2004 and you have 892 since last month, so let the guy ask all the questions he wants.
  6. mobay

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    see people like you scare new guys away with your comments. so if you dont have anything productive to say keep quiet.
  7. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned


    What the fuck was that Mobay?

    I fail to see where Karmaxul "scared" away the new guy.,... honestly... ???


    In other news....


    What do yo mean "the hormones" get burnt out with 18/6 of light?

    Why is 24/0 better for mothers?


    -turtle420 :cool:
  8. Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm Registered+

    yeah what zandor said...
    and 1500 lumens is NOT ENOUGH

    i love you
  9. mobay

    mobay Registered+

    turtle420 it sound like he was getting pissed cause he had to repeat himself. karmaxul if you wasnt pissed for re-typing your info to atom bong, my fault. but if were pissed return to post # 6.
  10. Jdog7000

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    Mobay your right.
  11. mobay

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    thank you jdog7000 when turtle responded i thought i made a mistake, but the way i read it was ( god damn i wrote you last night) talking to atom bong and the part ( and my posts are still getting erased, WTF) was going to the mods.
  12. postmandave

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    some ones stressed out lol and i totaly agree 1500 is no were near enough,unless its a misprintand thats the way mobay
  13. calibabe

    calibabe Registered

    you got it wrong there , I think he was complaining about posts being deleted not mouthing off,so read his post properly, kiss, kiss calibabexxxxxx
  14. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    Your numbers are way off dude. I have tried to keep mothers for ever but they did not keep. 5 years was to long and she died on her own. The clones were fine from her but she had problem recovering the last year.

    1500 lumens per sqft is not even close, you must have lumens confused.

    Plants do best with 10,000 lumens to each plant or more. The old rule of thumb is 50 watts for every sqft but in truth that is still a little low but works.

    18/6 light cycle is fine it saves a little money on the power and gives the plant a little rest. There is no measurable difference between a plant vegged at 18/6 and under 24/0 light. Advanced nutrients answered this question many years ago under lab conditions.
  15. mobay

    mobay Registered+

    1500 lumens ? shit theres 2300 lumens in a fluoresent light 125w. he has to be thinking 15000.
  16. Atom Bong

    Atom Bong Registered+

    Hah, im not that new to this, i was a member on overgrow until i woke up one sad morning, ive read just about everything any of these sites have brought to me and that was the one thing i never saw. SO have you guys made up your minds yet on what it is? im not asking lumens per square foot, im asking how many lumens would it take from start to finish, at its least while the plant still lives happy until harvest comes around and i murder it.
  17. BlueDragonSmoke

    BlueDragonSmoke Registered+

    a small HPS would do the trick ...start to finish if you had
  18. Atom Bong

    Atom Bong Registered+

    problem with hps, is heat and no room for a ballast, stealth grow goin on here
  19. britewire

    britewire Registered+

    210W smartlight... I haven't got a clue where to buy one of those abroad.

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  20. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    There are some CFL that give off some good light. Check some of BobBongs threads or harddons threads they like using CFL and look like they do fine with it.

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