luvox + Marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by GetDown, Dec 11, 2006.

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    hey guys,

    I was recently diagnosed by a friend of mine (who is a greate mate and a great doctor) with OCD, its something ive expected for years but he confirmed it when i came up to him to talk about it. Today i went to see him to talk about ways to treat it and he prescribed me an antidepressant called Luvox, Fluvoxamine Maleate, im taking one tablet every morning, he wants me to start off at 50mg and then switch to 100mg in about 2 weeks. what i would like to ask is whether or not i should be smoking MJ while i take this medication. i asked him and he told me that i shouldnt be smoking weed at all as OCD is caused by anxiety and while your high cannabis may relax you but afterwarfd it supposedly causes anxiety, while i do believe him, he isnt the type that would make shit up to scare me, if he wanted to scare me he would be able to do it with the truth, but i would like to know if anyone thinks it would be a bad idea to mix this medication with weed?

    im also not too keen on taking anti depressants, so im gonna do a bit of research today, go over everything tonight and then if im satisfied with my research ill try it tomorrow morning to see how it effects me.
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    you know what guys? screw it, been reading up on this stuff and there are some very serious side effects, even though the chances of me experienceing those side effects are slim the fact that there is a chance is enough to turn me off them, if anyone here has any experience with anyform of anti depressent or ocd medication could you please post to let me know what you think?

    tomorrow im going to call the psychiatrist he recommended for me, make an appointment and ill also breifly talk to her about this, see wht she says.... still i probably wont take these......
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    You've got OCD. That's a real pain. And I personally wish you'd at least give the meds a try before you rule them out on the basis of side effects you yourself have not yet developed. Not everyone experiences those side effects. And that medicine can be very helpful with OCD. It's certainly worth at least giving the meds a trial run before dismissing them without having tried them.

    I think your doc gave you good advice about perhaps waiting to smoke. Plenty of people do experience anxiety during and after smoking (the more sativa-heavy the strain is, sometimes the more anxiety it can provoke). Also, you want to try and make sure you see clearly what effects your meds are having, and when you're also smoking weed and taking meds, you're basically taking two different kinds of meds and can't easily differentiate the effects of them individually. Weed's always going to be there for you. A break while you're trying some potentially helpful prescription meds isn't going to kill you. And it might help you acclimate better to the Luvox--and help alleviate any possible anxiety you have as your OCD symptoms diminish. If what I've read about OCD is true, sometimes avoiding the behaviors and not acting on the compulsions is more anxiety-generating than going through with the OCD "rituals." Good luck!

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