Magnesium Deficiency

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    i have a Mg deficiency and i added botanicare Cal-Mag Plus, i couldn't find any epsom salt but i was thinking about pouring out all the water and just use epsom salt cause i heard it was faster or better so what you guys think
    3-4 week of flower
    it's a 22gal reservoir and my nutrients solution mix contains
    1oz flora-gro
    4oz flora-mirco
    8oz flora-bloom
    1tablespoon barricade
    2 1/2oz scorpion juice
    2 1/2oz B-52
    1oz liquid karma
    then added-
    5oz cal-mag plus (for the Mg def)
    (i was thinking that this mix is too strong so i been adding one to two gallon of water a day to dilute) PH is at 5.5 to 5.8
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    post a picture...and fill out a form for us. Not nearly enough information here!

    -Martyr Projekt :hippy:
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    the form man the form
  4. LOC NAR on probation

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    yes the form, please.

    Oh and don't use epson salt. It is only for quick use because you didn't have cal mag. Only if desparate and want to try and save. You got cal mag it's wayyyyyy better.
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  6. martyrprojekt

    martyrprojekt Registered+ the responses you have gotten. We are saying that we do not have nearly all the information that we need to make an informed decision regarding diagnosis of any Deficiency. Pictures are helpful...but, not always the cause of your problem!

    Please go to the plant problems link...and then grab a form...fill it out and bring it back.
  7. PigLet

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    here u go

    -Hydro Grows-

    What is your experience level? (first timer, novice, experienced...)
    first timer
    What type of hydro set-up are you running?
    6inx6in grodan rockwool cubes on 3ftx6ft trays 400gph activeaqua pump with 1/4 black tubing feed lines(2line each cube)

    Your Equipment:

    A) Type and wattage of lights. (MH, HPS, CFL's, tube fluorescents, LED's)
    4 600w hortilux hps
    B) Distance from tops?.
    was at 14in but added gravity today so raised to 16in
    C) Reflector type? (cool tube set-up, bat wing, enclosed reflector, bare bulb...)
    Hydrofarm-Daystar (added 4in air cooled system with an 4in original can fan)
    D) Is there a consistent fresh air supply?
    E) Do you have an exhaust fan and a circulation fan?
    8in original can fan for exhaust fan 1 14in oscillating fan 1 18 oscillating fan
    F) Size of reservoir?
    20 gallons

    Your nutrients and water:

    G) Source of water. (tap or filtered)
    H) Specific brand and N-P-K ratio for each bottle. List dosages (quantity per gallon) and current feeding schedule.
    GH 3 part (feeding schedule as directed by GH) with advance nutrient additives as directed on bottle (voodoo juice, big bud, scorpion juice, bud candy) liquid karma cal-mag plus
    I) What is the ec/ppm of your unadjusted tap (or filtered) water?

    J) What is the ec/ppm of your nutrient solution?

    K) What is the temperature of your nutrient solution? (high and low temps)
    73 to 76
    L) Does your ec/ppm show a rise or fall when you do your daily PPM check?

    M) Does the ph fluctuate?
    N) Do you foliar feed? If so, with what, how often, and at what time do you
    spray? (Just after lights come on, just before they go out...)
    Your growroom:

    O) What size of closet, room or hut?
    P) What are the temps and humidity levels while lights are on? ...With lights off?
    lights on- 82 to 85
    lights off- 76 to 78
    Q) Have you seen any bugs in your growroom
    Your strain:
    R) What strain are you growing? (Indica dominate or Sativa dom?)
    purple kush
    S) From seeds or clones?

    i'am at my 6th week of flowering and couple plants leave turn yellow green
    i thought it was magnesium deficiency but today i look at the rock wool cube on the ones that turn color there were some salt crystally looking like deposit
  8. LOC NAR on probation

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    After just going a round with Gravity. I would say that's it, the gravity. It will burn your plants up starting with the large leaves.

    Did you use it full strenght like the bottle says ? And raise your light way up, between the 2, light and gravity it burns.

    I would drain rez and put back nutes. If they look like that it's done, much more and you will not get much out of them. Flush the last week.

    They will thicken up good but don't let the gravity go any farther.
  9. PigLet

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    u sure

    i just put gravity in 2 days ago like 2oz into 20gal and added two more gallons of water to lighten the dose, the light is 16in away u think its cool or still burn(i also have air cool)
    the bottle says raise lights 6in to 12in away
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    Please don't post ill advised information if you do not know...The problem in those pictures is not Gravity. A burn does not look like that picture. I use gravity for my plants @ 1/2 ml per gal. of H20 with 1/3 ferts and have never gotten a burn (using indicas).

    Pig Let - What kind of filter do you have (brita....RO unit....ect)

    My tap water is great (150 ppm) so I just de-chlorinate and mix. You can obtain a local water report with the ppms from your electrical/water company.
    By using your filter you are taking the ca and mg away. Cannabis is a mg hog and judging by your pictures and set-up you have a mg def. Since my water already has some I usually put around 2ml per gallon with the Liquid Kharma. When introducing another fert into the mix I would go slow (5oz is too much at one time 5-6 weeks into the grow). I think a lot of people have a good equation to how much cal-mag you should use with filtered water.
    One was 250 ppm of cal-mag (with 0ppm h20) and then add the rest of your ferts.

    Because your sooo late into flowing, yellowing of leaves will happen as the plants slowly starts to swell and die. It uses up the leaves that are blocked by others and starts to use the others as food into the flush. If you have salt build ups, just flush. If your plant is in the 6th week and its an 8 week plant, then you will start to flush soon anyways.
    Hope this helps
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    Uploaded with

    clones have only been in coco four days they have been fed once with less than 1/4 strength botanicare grow. should i go pick up some cal mag?? the PH is around 6 i dont have a meter yet. they are under a t5, temps around 70, 60% rh. water is reverse osmosis. i have proper ventalation and air movement in my 5x5 tent
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    I would suggest the Plant Problem area of the forum for a couple reasons:
    1 you posted this in a thread that is a year old so you might be waiting for awhile
    2 It looks like you have lil one in a cup of dirt ..... pssst this is Hydro forum we not use dirt :)
    When you go to Plant Problem area download the troubleshooting form and post it in a thread that you start. The growers that patrol that area are real good at figuring problems out :thumbsup:
  13. yeeee510

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    thanks tinytoon :)
  14. yeeee510

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    oh its coco

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