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Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by 311junkie, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. 311junkie

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    whats the deal with ordering seeds online? how can they even get them into the US? seeds are illegal, right? i hear their seeds yeild nice, nice results, but how do you get them into the US? i dont see how it can work. you think the drug dogs would pick em out or something
  2. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    if your that paraniod.?

    i mean really worried about a seed ot two

    dont bother
    i will tell you

    there shipped out everyday and i have sent a few out
    and receaved many many of them over last few years

    many times

    more worrried about them being crushed before they get to me than found by the posties'

    but i dont worry about them
    fuk the law and the fucked up laws that hurt me
    i aint no crook
    just cuase i smoke my medicine dont make me one
    they can kiss my ass

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  3. KanMan

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    Lots of Kannabis seed banks ship world wide with out a problem (the USA included). Kannabis seed is illegal in the USA. If customs finds the seed you get a letter stating the contraband has be confiscated by US customs. Customs just does not have the resources to have a drug dog check every thing that enters the USA every day.
    See the Kannabis seed bank listing i have complied for more detailed information and reviews of some seed banks services @

    As for the nice results the outdoor or indoor (grow lab) conditions will play a big part and so will the strains genetics. See Kannabis Genetics Strain Guide @ for detailed answers.

    Good Growing!
  4. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    big fat buds ,in short lil dreams

    i see you like what you do kanman
    u been busy

    aint ya

    nice links to the seed info

    its all about the gene pool
    ya know

  5. Dingo

    Dingo Registered+

    wow! so many seed banks lmao. dogs won't sniff out your seed man :) and the penalties for seeds is so small, who gives a crap really :)
  6. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    Yes lots of hours to visit all those seed banks and find what information i could about each one. Thanks for visiting and the comments too.

    Good Growing!
  7. 311junkie

    311junkie Registered+

    so let me get this straight. if i order seeds and they find em, i WONT get arrested or any shit like that? no consequeces? i find that a lil hard to believe. how do u know, if you dont mind my asking. personal experience?
  8. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    I know growers in the USA that have ordered seed and had it picked up by USA customs. No personal experience, lucky me i am a Kanadian living in Kanada.
    Search OG message forums you will find people that have lost seed to US customs as well, also they say they got a letter and nothing else.
    As for getting arrested or serious consequences i have not heard of it happening myself, but that sure does not make it so. Kannabis seed is illegal in the USA period. As to what the US goverment will do in every case of importing illegal kannabis seed is not for me to say.

    Good Growing!
  9. Razer

    Razer Registered+

    Chances of getting busted period are near nil. Anyway the real problem of ordering seeds is getting them at the address you plan to grow at. If I was a cop who found your seeds, I could wait 60 days to check up on you when you could be busted for sure.

    You will get your seeds, just don't have them sent right to your show. :cool:
  10. Omerta

    Omerta Registered+

    so there is no puhnishment for ordering seeds.All the customs would do is give you a you won't get no probation or whatever.What about the mail lady/man,see's the title will they repot them to Police station.
  11. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    Most of the reputable seed banks send seed with out anything to idenify the contents of the package. I have yet to see or hear of any seed bank putting marijuana or cannabis on the packaging.

    Good Growing!
  12. ONUsmoker

    ONUsmoker Registered

    I have ordered seeds via the net before and they all got to me safely. I ordered 70 at one time and they all came here safely. Honestly, think about the volume of mail that comes into the US everyday.......there is no way they could scan or sniff every envelope or package. Also, the state that I live in, there is only a like $100 - $250 fine for posession of up to 200g.......that is nothing compared to the actual value of that amount of cannabis.
  13. cuttingrower

    cuttingrower Registered

    311 junkie go to they ship seeds to the usa and have the cheapest price ever AWESOME!!

    hehehe Same time son.....
  14. godsbackyard

    godsbackyard Registered+

    You won't get caught. Its fine. They send them confidentially.
  15. mahatma

    mahatma Registered

    Take from me, who had seeds caught by customs. They send you letter saying they found contraband, and invite you to claim them if you like. Don't. Let it go, and tell your seed bank about it. Some seed banks will offer to resend at half price of half order.
  16. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    its no bigge, think about how many packages/letters come into the us daily, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, there is no fucking way each and every one can be checked by a pot sniffer, and they have essentialy no smwell. I bet over one thousand seed orders come in daily.
  17. Cannabis Pro

    Cannabis Pro Registered+

    Just some reading on seed delivery and stealth shipping:

    Any seedbank that seels seeds should use the same practices. The USA is our major clientelle and we have not lost an order in over four years. We lost one several years back but there was too much in the package (50+grams and amateur at the time). Hope this helped answer some questions

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