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    Number of flowering plants ur allowed to have? Indoor regs? And amount allowed to have on hand?
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    Number of flowering (female) plants: 5
    Indoor regulations state that your grow must be parasite and mold-free (and viable as medicine). You can only have one care provider. If you choose yourself, you may grow up but not exceeding 5 female plants of the variety cannabis indica, cannabis sativa or cannabis ruderalis. Further, patient may retain 2.5 ounces of the patient's harvest. Remainder of yield must be surrendered for later distribution to the patient.
    Amount a patient can have on-hand at any given time: 2.5 ounces of flower medicine (per calendar month)

    This is not a word-for-word reading of the law as it is written in the texts of Maine statutes but is my interpretation of them as I understand them.

    Why do I get so intellectual when I'm high?
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    Five plants PER patient. You as a caregiver can grow up to 5 plants for each of your patients.

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