make less weed go a longer way?

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    ok im on my last bowl and 1/2 or so, and my brother and i plan to blaze it tonight... we have a little metal pipe and thats it, and methods to use to make the high richer/longer lasting?
    our usual method is to sit in the room when its dark and play video games while passing around a bowl... thats it. then we find somthing to eat and chill...
  2. GotWake88

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    Get a dugout. Those things make weed last soo much longer. I wish I didn't lose mine...

    DR_CANNABIS Registered+

    whats a dugout?
  4. GotWake88

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    Its a finished wooden box thing(small). It has one compartment where you keep ground nug, and another with a springloaded one hitter. You open it, the hitter pops out, then you fill it by jamming it in the nug compartment. Easy to smoke discreetly too.

    GrassCity.Com - Dug Out pipe with leaf

    DR_CANNABIS Registered+

    thats pretty cool, i just got my pipe though... i think if its not to windy well go for a walk and smoke, if its breezy well smoke then go for a walk... thats pretty much all their is to do...
  6. originalblu

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    make firecrakers with it
  7. i used to just pack half a bowl and take a hit every 5 minutes or something til it was gone. id get real high and itd take me like 20 minutes to a half hour to finish a bowl. it kinda works out. i dunno.
  8. timothylearyisdead

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    Gravity Bong would be your best bet man. If, for some strange reason, you don't know what that is, there's like 6545313489 threads about them.
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  9. smokinballer

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    G-Bong is the way to go.

    Uses a small amount of weed and will get you hella stoned.
  10. gee

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    i never deal w/ leftovers still, i always finish my bowls in 1 hit in bongs
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  11. Nochowderforyou

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    Use a 1 hitter to get the most out of your weed, but they don't give you that powerful punch from a big lungful of smoke I find. It gets you high, but if you're like me, you like to feel the smoke.

    Use a gravity/bucket or waterfall bong to get the best hits, or a big bong.
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  12. Nochowderforyou

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    Those things are neat, but I haven't bought one here yet as they start at $45. I have a bat already, I should just make the box myself.

    Hey, that sounds easy enough. I'll be in the workshop tomorrow. :p
  13. jawndoe

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    Knife Hits!
  14. NextLineIsMine

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    when im in conservation mode I use my one hitter and light a small bowl just a tiny bit and suck until the cherry goes out so not even a wisp of smoke leaves it. After ive done this for a week its hard to sit down at a session pack a bowl of hash and then watch some doofus cherry the whole thing then talk as smoke barrels out of it
  15. Runaway Jim

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    I got a big bong, so I can get high off just a lil bit of bud, if i get like 2 or 3 good rips Im done... its like 14 inches i think not so big but a custom glass one (and im talking custom, none of that everyonedoesit garbage hahah) and it rips hard enough that even with my tolerance all i need is like .1 to get me where i need to be.
  16. make it legal

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    Don't eat, as much as you want to do it. Eating brings down your high. Also, drink OJ. Vitamin C brings up your high.
  17. reality0

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  18. Coelho

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    Indeed! I was just going to post this! :thumbsup:
  19. NextLineIsMine

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    eating is true but I never believed vitamin C makes you any higher. Vitamin C is supposed to get you higher on shrooms and acid as well. Chemically it makes no sense as to why it would.
  20. Inferius

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    Ive also heard it does the exact opposite for some people, turning off their tripping.
    I dunno.

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