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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Sedater18, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Sedater18

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    hey, I was wondering, if I smoke tonight and then I have like 5 days until a test should I drink water like a bitch everyday and will that help? they aren't checking for dilution. I want to hear more about causing false negatives and how those might work. Im not buying shit like "SAFE" because im broke.
  2. apsinthion

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    Ermm, if you only have 5 day's then I woulden't recomend smoking tonight. Just hang on man!
  3. rnf232s

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    There might be ways to pass, but why risk it. Not sure if you would or wouldnt be able to clean out, but if you smoke tonight you will worry for 5 days straight which will suck.
  4. Sedater18

    Sedater18 Registered+

    hey I secured an extra 3 days...
  5. xxxcasper1125xxx

    xxxcasper1125xxx Registered+

    give this shit at gnc a chance, its called strip its 50$ but it worx VEry well. but if u dont wanna do that i wouldent risk the shit
  6. ohh

    just dont risk it man, what do you want ot fail the test over some bowls or pass and feel good and smoke after? your desicion
  7. DreamsInDigital

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    water loading is the only method that works for sure if you're broke. if you've been any number of days clean, you can hang on the remainder, even if you did get an extension. don't smoke anything, load up on water. don't worry about drinking water ahead of time until the day of your test. do NOT under any circumstances, give your first pee of the morning. this is the dirtiest pee you can give them. test LATE in the day and load up on water during the hours before. you'll be peeing almost pure water by the time you test. forget niacin and B12, all that does is color your urine yellow - it does NOT detoxify you. if it makes you feel better taking it and you have it on hand, by all means, take a couple. even a daily multivitamin. things like bleach, salt, vinegar, vitamin C, visine, etc, don't work, so don't bother. And subbing your pee with someone elses is too risky. too complicated to prep for it, and if you get caught, you're done.

    what causes false negatives are things like too much tylenol in the system, plus some other otc drugs i can't think of at the moment. your best bet is to simply water-load. i passed 4 days after i last smoked using water method.
  8. Euphoric

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    im agreeing with the crowd here sedater...just hang on...cause rumor has it if your sample is too diluted that it will be rejected. im not sure if this is true.
    but look on the bright side...your tolerance will be much lower by then, producing a much better high for you! plus you'll have a "phatter stash" :)

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