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    Every time I've bought any glass product I've broken it within days. No more. As a plumber I've found many uses for plumbing repair parts. One bong = 18" of 2" diameter ABS pipe. 6" of 1 1/2" ABS pipe. 1 flat 2" ABS cap. 1 2"x1 1/2" ABS reducer. Small can ABS glue. Bong (water pipe if you're into all that PC crap) stem. Insert stem with bowl or glass bowl/stem. Silicone. Saw. Drill. 1/4" 3/8" Drill bits (don't quote me on the sizes, I'm high). Sand paper. Ice. Water. Weed.

    How to make: Take a hit (you're making a bong, just do it). Cut an 12" or what ever length floats your boat but at least 8" ABS 2" diameter pipe.
    Take another hit, remember what you're doing.

    Cut a 4" or at least a 2" piece of 1 1/2" pipe. Hell, I feel another hit coming on, unless you cut your hand already, in which case take another hit and find someone else do the cutting, stoner.

    Drill a 1/4" hole in the larger 2" pipe some 6" from the bottom (look at the picture and then take another hit). Drill straight down into the pipe. Stop before drilling through the other side. Go on, take another hit, I'm gonna.

    Now put that larger drill bit in and work the hole toward the bottom of the bong, the stem has to point downward. Look at the pic again while taking another hit as you're almost done.

    Fit that stem in and silicone it in, no gaps. Set it aside and take another hit.

    Tomorrow you need to make sure you sealed that stem in place, no gaps, no leaks. Now glue on the bottom and give it the rest of the day to cure and allow that glue and silicone smell to disipate.

    Add ice, water, bowl, weed AND TAKE A HIT!!!

    If I missed anything remember, I'm stoned...

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    Yes to this post!!!!

    You gotta be more careful with that glass. If we can't do glass we would usually go with coring an apple or pear. Bonus you get a edible after you finish smoking. And it's a healthy snack option :D
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