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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MidnightToker86, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. MidnightToker86

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    Here is all you guys gotta do.... eat an orange.... simple enough
    na there is a lil more to it than that but anyways here is the scoop... eat an orange, tangerine, clementine...anything with an orange peel. Take a small piece of that peel and put it in with your weed. in a matter of hours your weed will change from the not so wet dry weed into weed that is wet as well as tastes great. as an added bonus this weed now takes longer to burn in a bowl because it only burns just enough for you to take a hit and than stops.
    Its a wonderful thing but do not keep it in there for more than a few days or it will grow mold and your weed will be kaput. any questions just ask
    stay clean tokers
  2. ganjah

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    Ya i have done that before but im pretty sure that you just put the peel in for the weed to abosrb the moisture but you shouldnt leave the peel in for long, maybe like an hour or two. After I did it, it seemed like the weed tasted a little bit more orangey but it could have been in my head or me just smelling it.
  3. NightProwler

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    yea just leave it in for like 2 hours. morea than a day would be bad.

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