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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by MidknightToker, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. MidknightToker

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    ive made several batches with weed oil
    first time i used an 1/8 in a batch
    they had some affect when they were fresh...then i had 3 smaller ones left and i just gave them to my friend and said they wouldnt do anything...he ate them before class and by the time he left class he was high as shit
    then the same thing happened with my last batch...i put 7gs into it..and i would have to eat two or three bigger brownies to feel it...but at the end i had 2 leftovers and just ate em before class and i was fucked up...

    im wondering whats going on here..
    do brownies get more potent as they age?
    am i making the oil wrong?
  2. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    maybe. remember to use high heat when you mix the oil and weed.

    7 grams should be more then enough for good brownies.

    use high heat! without high heat, the transfer isnt that dramatic.
  3. MidknightToker

    MidknightToker Registered

    doesnt high heat just burn the weed? make the oil too hot?
  4. Flameon

    Flameon Registered+

    Hi Midknight

    Without knowing more about the method you're using this is only a guess, but from the sounds of it you may not be extracting all the potential THC during the canna-butter stage.

    Do you leave the weed in the mix or 'sift' it out?
    I suspect one of the reasons your brownies are appearing to get stronger with age is because THC which may not have 'melted/dissolved' into your canna-butter is still present in the brownie mix and is slowly 'leaching' into the fat content (rather like it does in a green dragon recipe).
    You might need to re-check you 'oil' recipe or method, in order to maximise their impact.
  5. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    no. not as far as i know.

    i have made brownies when i totally burned the weed. the thing is... olive oil is very stable. you cant get it too hot man! its not going to evaporate.

    high heat means dramatic thc transfer. and oh shucks.... we just happen to have a fatty oil in close proximity when the thc is being released by the heat.

    if you burn the weed black in the pan..... the brownies will be far too strong, even in small amounts.

    try it. i promise you wont be dissapointed. use high heat. then come back and tell us what happened.
  6. Number 1 DJ

    Number 1 DJ Registered+

    oh shit is this true? high heat with canola oil for how long?
  7. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+


    cook the weed and oil only long enough for the weed to turn. once the weed goes brown and then black, there really isnt any more you can draw out of it.

    i think maybe 10 or 15 minutes on pretty high heat tops. it wont take that long.

    start out low heat.... then increase. as the heat increases, the oil will sizzle, and the weed will go from green to brown.

    thats what you want. you can stop there.... or go from brown to black. once it goes black... its done. there is no point in cooking it more.

    whats strange is that i found when i stopped at different cooking times.... in other words, sometimes it was mostly brown still, and other times it was black....

    it gave me a different high. even when it was the same weed.

    so do some expierementation. but you at least need the weed to turn brown. if the weed is still green, you wont get high at all as far as i know.
  8. Flameon

    Flameon Registered+

    In that case, don't you 'think' you should . . .
    'learn first and teach later'?
  9. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    i dont talk in absolutes because im NOT A FOOL! anyone who talks in absolutes is a defect.
  10. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    Yeah, gradual heating is the key. When it turns amber, you're usually good to go. If you don't get all of the THC out, it's fine- the rest will leach through when you cook the brownies. Make sure you mix the oil evenly into the brownie mix. Olive oil has a high amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, so absorption is maximum :)
  11. mikeymike911

    mikeymike911 Registered

    How much weed you think for a betty crocker brownie mix? approximately 20 brownies I was thinking a ounce (28 grams)? The mix calls for vegetable oil so how long should i cook the weed in the oil for? and should i drain the oil out or dump the weed right into the mix?


    SMOKEnCHOKE Registered+

    Thats a good amount of bud per brownies. They should be pretty potent. I like Betty's brownies because the use a lot oil compared to other mixes. For the oil I have actually tried a couple different ways of extracting.

    The first way was oil in a pot on the stove with medium heat for about 35 mins covered. This was a brownish coloured mixture with brown bud. This had a very drowsy effect with an almost burnt taste.

    The second I tried was oil in a small sauce pan with bud in the oven at 180 degrees F for 3 hours covered. The mixture looked like bright green oil, almost glow in dark color green. I strained the oil from the oven method made brownies. The effects were body stoned and heady high, overall just fucked up.

    The other cooking method I tried was in a croc pot. I put the oil and bud in a smaller pyrex container the put the container full of the mixture in the croc. I did not put any water in the bottom of the croc-pot pot just the container on the bottom of the pot. I cooked on the low setting for 3 hours covered. Very green mixture, not as bright as oven, weed was just alot darker but not brown or black yet. This had almost identical effects as the oven, got very high.

    After testing all of these I use the croc-pot. It's simple and you just set it and forget it. My second fav is the oven. As for just heating on the stove maybe I do something wrong, but it always comes out the least potent with the worst taste. All of my test were done with 2/3 cup canola oil and 1/4 of dank coffee ground buds, all were strained with a piece of screen. I also did the same thing with butter and got the same results.

    Good Luck!:thumbsup:

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