Making Canna-oil Without Heat: A Question

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by jasher, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. jasher

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    I read on a site that seemed like it was legit (but had no scientific proof) that you can just put finely chopped cannabis buds in a jar with canola oil and wait ~24 hours (shaking periodically) and then pour it through a cloth to separate the leafs from the oil and you'll be left with canna-oil with THC. The thing that struck me as odd is that this mentioned that you didn't need heat at all.

    Of course I would be heating it eventually to cook the brownies but is this true? Can anyone back this up? Can I really make canna-oil without heat, and just by waiting?

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  2. jasher

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    also: if i'm just making 1 batch of brownies, can I use an 1/8th of mids? How much do yall suggest?
  3. Pepper

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    Whatever amount you use, consume about 1 gram per serving. An 1/8 is ok, just eat 1/4 batch and wait an hour. Heat the oil/butter in a double boiler, it'll be a lot more potent this way.
  4. jasher

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    Eating 1/4th a batch of brownies (8x11 pan or something) would be an outrageous amount of food. So I guess I need to use 1/4th an ounce? (oh, and I've changed from mids to quality KB)

    Also, it's important that someone comments on the non-heating question because I might not "be able" to use a stove, and if it wont work without heat, this might be all called off.
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  5. bogoljub777

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    no it wont work without the heat. you need heat.

    you can find a stove.... in a campfire outdoors. just make a campfire, put your pan on that, and make your oil. USE HIGH HEAT. high heat transfer is the best.

    you need heat definitley.
  6. bogoljub777

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    maybe you heard that you can put a jar with weed in direct sunlight, then strain it out and it will get you high. that would probabally work, in summertime.

    but as for just putting the weed in a jar, then letting it sit indoors, and just using it then.... no way. it wont work.
  7. jasher

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    thank you.
  8. Pepper

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    It'll work without heat. Just adjust the amount to get the effect you want. Be warned, too much raw bud can give you a stomach ache. Take it easy.
  9. jasher

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    pepper, please elaborate. So you're saying that I can do it without heat but I need to use more bud? Could I just wait like a full week for all the THC to go into the oil? Also, do you know it will work from personal experience?

    I'm going to be using 5 grams of quality/KB in 1/2 cup canola oil. Will all the THC go -> oil within like 5 days you think?

    Ideally, someone who has tried this will be able to put in their 2 cents, but I don't think this'll happen. :(

    "Be warned, too much raw bud can give you a stomach ache. Take it easy" << About this: I'm going to strain the bud out of the oil and then only use the oil, and I will cook that and only eat the final brownie product. So I don't think this will be a problem.

    NOTE: I just don't understand why one can extract into alcohol without heat but yet you need heat to extract into canola oil..?
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  10. Pepper

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    THC in the plant is in the form of an acid. Heat breaks this acid down into psychoactive THC. Without heat, this THC will stay inactive.

    I would suggest grinding the bud into a powder in a coffee grinder. Place the oil in a warm place, anything over 105F is good enough to begin activating the THC acid. The bottom line is you have to heat the bud or else the THC that is in acid form is not psychoactive.

    Just do it and see for yourself. I was just encouraging you to consider heating the oil to make it work better. It will still work without heating. If you eat a brownie and it's not enough after 90 minutes then take another. Adjust your recipe as needed for your needs.
  11. jasher

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    pepper, thanks again for your response.

    One last thing: In my plan, I don't think the psychoactivity is the issue. Once I have the THC extracted into the canola oil, I will cook the canola oil into brownies. The THC will become psychoactive then. The question is: will the THC, not in a psychoactive form and without heat, go from the plant material to the oil merely with shaking and patience?

    Any more light that can be shed on the above issue would be much appreciated.

    I'm going to go ahead and grind the bud to a powder and mix it with canola oil and start letting it sit for a few days. I figure that if this doesn't work at all, and no thc enters the oil, then that means the THC is still in the plant matter, and so instead of throwing away that stuff after straining I will keep it and use it later. (with heat)

    I'd love any more comments and suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Pepper

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    I think it will work. As an added bonus, the oil infused without heat will have more terpenes and flavinoids that would evaporate if heated. The oil will definitely be different, who knows, maybe it will even be better. I'll be watching to see how it goes.

    You're welcome but you're really doing me a favor by trying it out, so, Thank you too.
  13. bogoljub777

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    no!!!! : ) you need heat to transfer the thc to the oil. the thc wont transfer without heat.

    heat releases thc. therfore, the higher the heat, the more thc you release.

    you need heat. i dont know what the guy above is talking about.... he says you dont need heat, then he says the exact opposite. makes you think he migh not know himself.

    i know. i eat weed all the time.

    let me tell you a secret. if you mix a bud, like 1 gram, with olive oil, and cook it until the oil pops and the weed turns brown, you can just eat the weed like that and you will get high. no brownies no bullshit.

    it will be strong my friend. you might want to just eat a half gram. all you do is chop up the weed, lightly coat it in olive oil, then cook on the stove. make sure to keep it all together like in a little cake.

    then you can eat it like that, put it on pizza, or anything. i usually just eat it raw.
  14. Jouryokujin

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    Heat converts some of the non-psychoactives in the bud to psychoactive thc. Without the heat, you will feel the effect of what is already thc, but it will be more potent with heat because there will be more thc (since some non-psychoactives converted into thc, positively contributing to what you already had).
  15. jasher

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    A small update

    Well, it's been 48 hours that I've had the weed and veggie oil together in the jar and I'm feeling pretty good about this. I've been shaking/swishing every 12 hours. The concoction has a very dark green/brown color, and when compared to plain veggie oil you can't tell they were ever the same.

    I will give it another 24 hours before I strain the plant matter out and use the oil in a brownie recipe.

    And now to address some concerns that have been brought up over and over:

    Jouryokujin: I know that heat is (in a realistic scenario) needed to turn the (mainly) non-psychoactive THC into psychoactive THC. This was never the issue as I will eventually be heating the oil to cook the brownies. The question that this experiment is addressing is whether or not the non-pyschoactive THC will leave the plant matter and enter the oil without heat.

    bogoljub777: To the contrary and according to my research, THC is not heat-activated. It is, however, fat and alcohol soluble. Heat is normally suggested in recipes for canna-oil because it acts as a catalyst for the reaction.

    A lot of the "doubters" seem to be doing nothing more than reiterating baseless rumors and myths that have no scientific basis. There's no difference between the people saying "it won't work" and the people who say "dude i just ate raw weed I'm so baked." To be honest, when I posted my original question I expected a short-lived debate with an optimistic outcome, but Pepper seems to be the only one thinking this as far through as me.

    Of course, if this doesn't work I'll look like an ignorant douchebag. But I doubt that will be the case as I've finally found a reputable source taking my side: Get cooked! [item 6].

    Happy Holidays; I'll update again in 27 hours, hopefully while high as hell.
  16. BongLoser

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    Yes it will work without heat and it makes sense because all heat does it speed up the molecules and while cooking bud you arent burning or vaping it so how else could heat help? Waiting to see how high you get from this though to see if I should try or not
  17. dragonrider

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    Heat speeds up the process of dissolving the THC into whatever you are using, alcohol or oil. So heat is not required, but it speeds up the process. So if you are using alcohol, you can let is sit at room temp, and then depending on who you ask, people say it takes days, weeks or months to dissolve it all. Or you can use a double boiler like I have done and make it in less than an hour. I assume the same is true for oil --- heating the oil in a crock pot or other method will get the job done quickly. But maybe you can let it sit at room temp for long enough to extract as well --- I guess you'll find out. Please post back and let us know how it works.

    Also, the heat does activate certain non-psychoactive compounds to become active THC. As you mentioned, you will be cooking the brownies, so maybe that activation process will occur during the baking. Let us know.
  18. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    no no.

    how is the thc going to transfer to the weed without heat? what is going to cause the chemicle reaction?
    you hypothesize that becuase weed is fat soluble, when you immerse it in a fatty substance the thc just wants to jump over into the oil?

    thats my point? what is driving the transfer of thc? scientifically.

    here is why i say this. one time i ate raw weed, and then i took a shot of olive oil right after.

    so i digested the weed and the oil at the same time, and the way i digested it was through my body heat.

    but it wasnt enough. i didnt get high at all. i didnt feel any effect wahtsoever.

    my body is 98 degrees. room temp is 75 or, now that its winter, 65.

    so what is your hypothesis? that by having the weed and oil together for along time that will transfer the oil rather then only a quick drowning of the weed in oil?

    thats what i dont understand. if no transfer takes place immediatley, why would a thc transfer take place over 24 to 48 hours like you describe, if not immediatley?

    i mean what is different form the weed in the oil for 10 minutes compared to the weed in the oil for 2 days?

    i dont know. maybe your right. if i was you, i would use heat. heat causes the thc to rapidly and massivley transfer into an appropriate medcium, like you describe fats or alcohols.

    which i dissolve both in. and even with hash oil i use high heat to evaporate the alcohol from the thc rich tinciture.

    look what hashish makers do. they use heat.

    heat is the key my friend. i know heat will work. i dont know that room temp for 48 hours will work.

    it might. but i doubt it. i fear you are wasting you time on dissapointment, and i would like to help you aviod this time waste.

    at least save the weed. if you bake the brownies, and it dosent work, you can go back, cook the weed, and eat it.
  19. Flameon

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    Hi Jasher

    I just wanted to say hello and chip in with a couple of thoughts of my own.
    By the way, very interesting question and experiment, I'll be very keen to see how it turns out.

    I'm not entirely convinced that this aspect of the process will be a success.
    As far as I'm aware, the process that converts the inactive compounds: THC-A, CBD, CBN etc into psychoactive forms like THC is a result of a biochemical reaction (otherwise know as decarboxylation) that takes place in the plant naturally during the drying and curing stage, and unnaturally through the application of heat, which drives off any remaining water molecules and triggers the chemical change.
    By definition, these inactive compounds are attached to water molecules, and therefore, will not necessarily combine with the oil in the first place, but remain bound to the plant material.

    Assuming you're using well cured and dried bud, it shouldn't cause too significant a loss to your potency. However, properly decarboxylated weed can increase your yield by around 50 percent, so it's always worth doing (requires about 5 minutes at a temperature over 50 degrees Centigrade/ 120 degrees fahrenheit).

    Again, I'm slightly dubious about this claim/assumption (but would be delighted to be proved wrong!).
    The application of heat is more than just an accelerator of molecules.
    (Ask anyone who's ever made bread, you can look at your dough mixture all day long but it wont rise, bake or set until its been in the oven).

    I don't want to seem like another naysayer, because I'm hoping it works out for you, but at the very least I would expect the 'leaching' out of THC in oil at room temperature to require weeks (if not months) to achieve anything like its full potential.

    Good luck with it though, at worst you've still got the weed to cook with later. :thumbsup:
  20. dragonrider

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    Personally, I always use the heat. But I think it is probably possible to dissolve the THC without the heat, given enough time. Heat just accelerates the processs of dissolving. For example, if you drop a spoonful of sugar into hot coffee, it will dissolve pretty quickly, expecially if you also stir it. If you drop the sugar into room temp water or ice water, it takes longer to dissolve --- it will eventually dissolve, but it will take longer. So just because a reaction does not happen instantaneously, it does not mean it will not happen over time.

    This probably has more to do with the other chemical reactions that use heat: decarboxylization and isomerization. If you don't use any heat at all during the preparation, then some of the non-active compounds don't get turned into THC. The guy who started this thread is planning to bake brownies, so possibly the cooking process will add enough heat to convert some of the non-active compounds. But, yeah, just eating weed with oil willnot work very well.

    Well, I basically agree with you here --- I would personally always use heat, but it will be interesting to see if this process works too.

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