Making Cannabis Butter:Discussion.

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by BobBong, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. BobBong

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    Well, first i wanna say sorry because apparently i can't merge or juggle threads properly today.. (just spent 5 minutes being a dink)
    i'm curious what you would mean by a slow cooker.. a crock-pot kind of thing? ... It is possible, i will check and let you know.

    I made this 2nd thread to discuss the recipe rather than clutter up the recipe with questions.

    Any comments, suggestions or questions about the CannaButter recipe are more than welcome

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  2. BobBong

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    Well... you can easily cut recipe quantities in half.. however,doing this does effect how much butter you'll get out of the batch.

    Using an ounce of cannabis and 1lb of butter we get approx. 350g's of butter more or less. That's not a lot of butter and if you cook and bake you'll know it's not easy to do it in considerably smaller quantities than what the recipe calls for. It is ideal to make it according to the recipe..and if you wish to have it a bit stronger.. than add more Cannabis.

    The idea here is to make a batch of it that you can save and use when you feel like it.. whether it's over the course of a week or 3 months.It WILL be worth your time,money and effort. This much i can assure you. I personally haven't made this yet but i plan to begin it tomorrow and make a video of the key is a club certified recipe so i don't doubt the quality of the recipe.
    Any kind of cook reports would be greatly welcome.. if you make this, let us know how you do :)

    Cheers and happy cooking,Bob.
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  3. shoi

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    i dunno if it fits in here best but....

    wen u are making say brownies can u just use the box stuff? or do u have to make them from scratch? and if u use the box stuff wat do substitute hte canna butter for?
  4. the yeag

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    EH...bob the slow-cooker crock pot thing works good, and is safer and wastes less thats good EH
  5. jamstigator

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    I always use a crockpot to make canna-oil, set on low, for 7-12 hours. Never tried it with butter though. Me and the woman are happy with brownies, canola is cheaper than butter, and that's what the brownie recipes ask for, sooo...I use oil. Butter is probably more flexible though, for baking a variety of things. If you think an ounce is a lot, you wouldn't even wanna see how much I use to make 48 fluid ounces of oil, which is good for 11 pans of brownies. Lasts for months though. ;)
  6. roadcam

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    I never thought of using my crockpot ... good idea ... :thumbsup:
  7. BobBong

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    Yea, the recipe is for butter.. oil is a similar process but does not need to be done nearly as long.
  8. Pezzo

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    what temps it gotta be on to simmer? same question to simmer milk. thx guys
  9. Lethal G

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    Hey Bob.

    I just thought I would say that I tried your cannabis butter recipe yesterday (I followed it very well) and it turned out to be a great success. The cookies I made with it are very potent. The butter I've tried to make in the past was NEVER this good. Thanks bunches for the recipe dude! :thumbsup:
  10. BobBong

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    Our first testimonial! I love it. I'm glad it worked out well for you man :)
    I've yet to make the recipe but i am pretty much ready to now (i've saved enough um...material.. to add :stoned: )

    Very glad to hear.. did you follow the recipe very closely?
    If so, i'm very very happy to hear. :)

  11. BobBong

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    So rather than do a video just yet.. I've made a batch and taken pictures of what i did..

    Check em out in the gallery!
  12. jazzboy_32

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    where'd the butter go?

    I'm having a little difficulty here in making my tasty canni-butter. I recently took my trim and ran it through a food processor to grind it into a super-fine flour like Bob's recipe recomends. However, when I try and follow the ratio for butter to trim (about 1oz trim to 1lb butter), I'm finding that my fine-ground leaf matter seems to soak up ALL the available liquid, making me have to dump far more butter and water into the mess to give me a little moisture to simmer. When I drain, filter and press the stuff , I'm finding that the best I can get is about 1/4 cup green butter rendered from nearly 2lb fresh butter placed in the boiling pot!
    Is this right? Is anyone else having problems with their leaf soaking up all the goodies and giving back very little or have I ground it too fine for cooking. It seems that I should get back more butter for all that I dump in in the first place.
    PS I have the same problem when I do tincture: 2 quart bottles of Bacardi 151 to 1oz of ground trim to get 3/4 cup of Green Dragon. Danm! thats alot of 151 to dump in to start!
  13. BobBong

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    It sounds like your temps are to high. The butter should be kept below a hard boil..more a light simmer than a boil.
    If you're having problems with water content, are you covering the pot?

    The alcohol would evaporate considerably faster than water, so i'm not sure what the problem with the green dragon would be.
  14. DeepFriedBrain

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    You can get all the THC into your butter within an hour.
    Use 1oz of trim to 1oz of butter(clarified ghee)
    Drop your ghee and trim into a crock pot with enough water to just cover the leaves.
    heat over a charcoal fire for one hour while stirring.
    add water as nessesary to stop it drying out.
    After one hour
    pour the mix into a pot lined with a cheese cloth.
    Lift and twist the cloth to remove all the water and butter. Use a couple of wooden spoons to help wring all the moisture out and wear heavy duty rubber gloves as this shit is hot.
    Let the contents of the bowl cool.
    The butter will set hard on top of the water, remove butter and throw thwater away.


    Take your butter, squeeze and rinse it under flowing cold water until some of the green has lightened.

    You now have potent canna butter that will enhance any recipe.
  15. joetwitch

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    i jus put butter in a micro wave dish then put that in another micro wave dish full of water and sort double boil it that or i use a double boiler
  16. Non

    Non Registered+

    so a quarter of an ounce for 1 stick of butter. I'm going to try this out. I don't know what setting I need my stove for.
  17. Non

    Non Registered+

    I'll figure it out tho. Is 22-24 hours necessary? can it just be 7-12?
  18. Non

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    also how do you use it on toast, would I have to toast the bread first then spread the butter, and how much would I have to use... and also was wondering if the bud strained from the butter is still useable to be eaten..
  19. jrs212

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    Hi everyone. I made my first batch of butter last week. I took 1 oz. of great weed, into 1 lb of butter. I had a pot of water on the stove, brought it to a rolling boil. Dropped weed in. Brought temp down to simmer. simmered for 2 hours, dropped in lb of butter simmer 2 more hours. Stirring frequently thru all this. After simmer strain and refidgerate. Was a complete success.
  20. grwsmith

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    Should I use dried cannabis plant material or is it better to use fresh?

    I am a little confused about the amount of cannabis to use. I have made my first batch of CannaButter following BobBong’s recipe. I used just over 1oz/38gof fresh green leaf and stork. I then looked at Bob’s CannaButter photo shoot and saw the size of the bowl with ground cannabis in it and (unless the bowl is thimble size) is a whole lot more than 1oz or Bob’s cooking a ton of butter!!

    Should I use dried cannabis plant material?
    Is it better to use fresh?
    Remembering that I am using this for pain control, am I still using too little plant material?
    Is it OK to use the stork?

    I have managed to replace a 5,000mg a day Paracetamol habit with 30g of CannaButter. I am hoping to come off my Diclofenac next.

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