Making cheap reflectors?!?

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by 12345-54321, Nov 2, 2007.

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    I've got a CFL grow setup that just finished up round 1. I'm very pleased with my setup but wanted to add a light reflector to max. my light use. I've looked around, and basically I need two cone reflectors, or perhaps a built in single. I've been looking at the hydro store, and also the depot, and just found these on ritz camera, and was wondering if anyone had tried this or something else for a cheap reflector setup....

    Photoflex LiteDisc Reflector White/Silver Reversible 22-inch - DL-1322WS -

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    Haven't tried those before (since I haven't even started my first grow...) but I am planning on making some light reflectors with my architectural modeling supplies: foam core board + spray adhesive + space blanket = cheeeeeaaaaapp reflectors

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    Those would reflect some light but their shape makes them terribly inefficent. You would be better off going to Walmart or Home Depot and just looking for something that you could make or would work better.
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    Home made Reflector

    The Cheapest Reflector I ever saw was made from an Aluminum Turkey pan,about 2.00 bucks He even had safty glass on it,grin
    If you really want it you'll find the directions or figure it out, every thing you need is at your finger tips. Good luck....:)
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    You can use duct board. It's insulated on one side and and silver backing on the other.Comes in a 4x8 sheet and can be used to make reflectors for HID lights as well.Figure your design out and cut peices then use the foil ducting tapeto tape the peices together.You could make more than 1 from this sheet. That backing will really throw the light back at the plants. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Don't waste ya mind,GET WASTED!

    Ga Grown!

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