Making friends in Malaysia

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Maxburns, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    and here I was thinking Texas sucks... boy what i read here must be excruciating!!! wish yall LOTS OF WEED
  2. messiahhh

    messiahhh Registered

    yeaa... you guys have it good. you get to choose strains, middies, connosiouer weed etc2. we just have to make do with bagweed. over here weed is weed. schwag.

    im in wp too. i think its slowly coming back though. from impossible to get, to, really hard to come by.
  3. shieldtox

    shieldtox Registered

    i just checked yesteday - stock unavailable. In the past months I've only managed to be able to bum a few smokes from friends who had stockpiled in case of dry seasons.

    I miss those times it was readily available on the streets! I don't think there is such things now.

    yeah its great overseas with the type of quality they get, but what we're getting here is so cheap its almost laughable.
  4. danielWEEDpj

    danielWEEDpj Registered

    hey im from malaysia ... i live in pj and i love weed :D
  5. kumarchew

    kumarchew Registered

    wassap. Jb here :)
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  6. mohdhafiz48

    mohdhafiz48 Registered

    hay...greeting from kuala new in here..and hope we can make friend..peace and love :)
  7. D222

    D222 Registered

    :Rasta: Hi Rasta! In 2 weeks we came to KL... Jah warriors answer us!!! We need your help ;)
    JAH bless you!
  8. BuddhaPuff

    BuddhaPuff Registered+

    Yung from Bukit Jalil 33

    Ads Kaki ! Watching Weeds Season 8 now
  9. Juboq

    Juboq Registered

    Looking for something in perlis,,ws
  10. AdibTimun

    AdibTimun Registered

    Salam 420, how can I get this stuff. M'sia. ✌
  11. Romy Rasheed

    Romy Rasheed Registered

    Please help me score some herb in KL
  12. Hank Pymm

    Hank Pymm Registered

    Hey guys, Got any advice on where to get some pot near Ipoh? Been dry for about a week ever since I moved here.
  13. muhd hafiz

    muhd hafiz Registered

    anyone know where to score some weed in seremban?
  14. marijoinlah

    marijoinlah Registered

    Fellow Malaysian here. As you all know, smoking/possessing cannabis in Malaysia is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and being caught with any amount is a punishable offence. I am 30 mins away from KL. Anyone in some dire need of some green, feel free to pm me.

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  15. muhd hafiz

    muhd hafiz Registered

    im just looking for friend. can pm me?
  16. marijoinlah

    marijoinlah Registered

    PM me bro..
  17. muhd hafiz

    muhd hafiz Registered

  18. marijoinlah

    marijoinlah Registered

    Don't know bro. Drop your email..
  19. muhd hafiz

    muhd hafiz Registered

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  20. marijoinlah

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