making hash from males.

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Mole2k4, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Mole2k4

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    How do I make hash from my males, need a breakdown on EVERYTHING.
    Curing, etc, etc

    Basically, I have pulled the plants up, and they are hanging upside down now, I know I need to cut the fan leaves an everything off.
    Help would be appreciated.
  2. The9rideNblack

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    Google search: How to make Hash
  3. CO DE

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    Greenthumb's is right sorry m8!!!!!
  4. notanovice

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    hash can be made from males

    male plants have thc glans, just not as many as females, so yes, you can use males for hash, but if you dont have an abundance of dried males, it aint worth the trouble
  5. Bro DZ

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    look into extraction process's er something. I used butane extraction to make honey oil outta the last few males i had. worked great
  6. DR. Science

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    male hash

    I don't know whether or not males make THC, but i've heard that just before they break the pollen sacks is the best time to get them. But i really don't know.

    As for making lots of high quality hash, look no further. The bubble bags are the best method for making high quality, high quantity hash. the process is easy and not too expensive, the bags are pretty pricy but after taking all your shake and making golden hash out of what used to be garbage, it'll pay for it self in one or two runs through.

  7. surreyB.C.

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    i have my own method of making bubble hash no water no ice it blows all the other methods of making hash or bubble hash out of the water i make a very high grade bubble hash and i get a much greater amount than any other ways ive heard of and learned but you need alot of trim leaves not many people have the quantity of material to work with that i do so they make a lower grade so they get more maybe ill share my ways another time.
  8. jchap

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  9. whitewolfofsc

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    throw the whole plant, leaves, stems, etc chopped up, into a jar and cover with rubbing alcohol. Shake a bunch of times, and let sit 2 days. Then pour it into a glass or ceramic pan and gently heat to evaporate. Alcohol vapors are flamable and explosive!
  10. R5CYA

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    have you tried this yourself? the rubbing alcohol would leach out the oil from the plants allright, but along with it would come some really nasty flavors. sounds like a very crude way to make some hash oil. if anyone does try this, i'd suggest finding alot more pure alcohol first. it's the %80 water in rubbing alcohol that leeches out the nasty flavors. i'd consider trying 151 or everclear as the alcohol, bet even they might not be pure enough. it's one of the reasons i'm about to make a still. lol!
  11. jash420

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    I have tried the hash made from doing the method of evaporating the grain in our case, I did get high but also one nasty headache I always said I'd save the bud for smoking unless I'm making some bubble hash or something.. I would not advse using that particular method.. just IMO

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