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Making hash from pipe resin

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Dest, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Dest

    Dest Registered+

    Does anyone know this is possible? I got a huge amount of pipe resin yet its disgusting and i dont want to smoke it, is there any good methods of making a good hash out of it?
  2. BoomBoom82

    BoomBoom82 Registered+

    ash !

    i collect all my resin up in a jam jar an save my ash from bongs an pipes etc. i then mix the ash in wiv the resin untill it forms 2 gether. i then pack it in2 bottle tops an in a freezer bag in me freezer 4 24 hours. walla u will have a resin block which is hard. u can then pick pieces of an smoke it back in ya bong
  3. PotHeed420

    PotHeed420 Registered+

    ^ your idea IMO isn't that smart. there is little to no THC in the ash and your just freezing resin and then smoking it? i don't see the point in that. IMO
  4. A328519

    A328519 Registered+

    Resin is not healthy at all. Basically tar with little to no THC.
  5. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    Ya but it gets ya high in a pinch when there is nothing else available.
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  6. Markass

    Markass Registered+

    I'm with you there, brother:thumbsup:
  7. one.stoned.wookie

    one.stoned.wookie Registered+

    take yer resin and powder up some weed mix it with that and u got ghetto hash
  8. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Resin is not hash. Hash are those tiny little crystals compressed using heat and/or pressure.

    You can't turn redneck moonshine into a fine scotch, just like you can't turn resin into hash.

    Resin is the tar that cannabis smoke gives off. It would be the same if you blew tobacco smoke through something long enough. It's what the smoke leaves behind.

    You can make resin oil though using Isopropanol Alcohol or Butane. You just soak your pipe in either of that stuff, evaporate the brownish liquid away using heat and what is left, is a gooey resin oil. It's still resin, not hash oil, resin oil.

    Keep in mind both of those are highly flammable chemicals, so if you do it, do it outside away from open flames.
  9. jgmidwest

    jgmidwest Registered

    Ok so since alcohol evaporates at such a high rate you can just put your pipe in a glass jar and close it for a 2 to 3 days and tgen let it evapirate, but i fucked up cuz i mixed baking soda and water with it cuz it was my first time and now its taking for ever to evaporate it i have a small heater to make it go faster
  10. jgmidwest

    jgmidwest Registered

    I was actually looking for a way to make it evaporate faster cuz it dark as fuck lol
  11. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    C'mon boys, ya clean that shit out, then dispose of it. One should never be so desperate for a toke that you'd wanna smoke that crud. :eek:
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  12. dickiefickle

    dickiefickle Registered+

    Its like this after you burn you have trash , dont smoke trash .
  13. GigaBud

    GigaBud Registered+

    Here's a thought for you.....all that resin is saturated with ur smoking toxins the headache that follows the coughing all due to the butane.

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