Making hash from pipe resin

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Dest, Jun 30, 2007.

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    Resin. Si. It is a last resort. But. I once heard it described as like a Christmas gift from a relative you didn't know you had. It's probably going to suck. Be like a fruitcake or something. But hey you didn't have it before you got it right? So resin is kinda like this i feel. Sometimes you have that cool relative. Gives you that well medium gift? But like it's good cause maybe you had a shitty christmas? So like if you have someone smoking good pot then the quality varies quite a bit. Resin of dirt is lesser than dirt. So no go. But the dirt wasn't a go (least to me) so what can you expect? Mid would gosh sort of be like smoking dirt in terms of resin. But off highgrade resin? I def can get stoned. I sometimes prefer it aside from the taste. Here is my recipe. As many have said I save the ash. I am also pretty snobby so there's def alot of green chunks slightly burned. I feel that is key. I do not like bong water resin but have seen it smoked and perfected. Basically has to be dried and compressed. To me though it's a no. Now stem or bowl resin is totally legit i feel. I use paperclips. Once scraped I place out in open air and allow to dry. I then wait quite a bit. This is best if done over about a week. I make it into discs. Just like pressing it with my fingers. Not much per disc. Just like a pinch. I then place ash on the bottom and disc on top. I will get like a candle effect sometimes which is funny. But yeah I just thought I would...

    Set the record straight.

    As a head for many years yes it is worthwhile. Though I think Dizzy Dee speaks much wisdom. The reason I share what I share is in terms of the "high" I have found some resin to produce highs I prefer over say a high midgrade. Strange but true...
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    Actually resin is full of cbd
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    I disagree
    The heat decarbs, then degrades all the cannabinoids.
    The ratio of THC:CBD does not change.
    What does increase it CBN.
    You may wish to look that up.
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    I actually meant CBN. However you are very wrong in your assumptions that all the cannabinoid are degraded and burnt up. My extractions of pipe resin have tested as high as 13% THC by weight. Among surpising levels of other cannabinoids. If you don't want to accept that, check out this guys results. I'm not in a place to "share" my work with the same freedom.
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    "you are very wrong in your assumptions that all the cannabinoid are degraded and burnt up."

    What the hooha? Who said that?

    All the cannabinoids equally, not completely. :D

    I figured that you meant CBN.
    Posted the correction for those who would have taken it at face value.

    Just read that link, something I've always wanted to try.
    I'm surprised at how much THC a pipe can waste.
    I mean I'm aware that they are inefficient devices, but that's a lot of waste.
    Think I'll go back to rolling "pinners". :D

    I used to refine and smoke pipe scrapings when I was very young and had to buy bud. :)

    But nothing stands up to well dried perfectly cured Gainesville Green bud for scent and taste.
    Get a good grow on and never have to choke on that nasty taste again my friend.

    Wee 'zard
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    I do appreciate the correction. And I won't argue with the fact some good green beats all! I have spent a few years on this, mainly because my curious nature, but also because resin is free (pretty much) and cleaning your buds pipes, and then selling them the extraction works too! I actually have some about ready. Will post a pic this evening or tomorrow. You wouldn't believe the product I can get out of it. Not black, but an amber colored "wax" that looks better than a lot of the redneck bho we see here in Alabama.

    Also, this stuff makes killer edibles. Most ganja edibles don't touch me, these knock me out. Due to the CBN of course ;)

    Oh yeah, Gainsville FL?

    Sorry for being a dick. I hate being corrected almost as much as I hate being wrong
  7. Weezard

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    "Wrong" is too strong. It was a minor error.

    "Oh yeah, Gainsville FL"

    Well, it was in '68.
    A friend in Ca. obtained a sack of seeds when the GG grower's association got busted.

    He hoarded them in Ca. for ~45 years, then gifted me a bag.

    redheaded stepchile.JPG
    It is about the best tasting and most consistently potent bud you'll find anywhere.
    Wish I could share it with everybody.

    Wee 'zard
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    She's glorious! You can share with me anytime. Im through Gainesville 2 or 3 times a year. Ha. Congrats on the new legislation. Im super jealous. Maybe, before I'm dead, we will see more progress in the south. We have some good stuff in Alabama, but some of the best I've had access to was grown in Orlando. Those horticulture guys at Disney know what they are doing.
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    You do know that I'm a bit south of Florida, yah?
    And thousands of mile west? :D
    We've had MMJ for years here.
    They just made dispensaries legal here in July of 2016.
    But as yet, not one is open for business.
    So, we grow.

    Ha, Alo,
    Da 'waiian bro
  10. Easy mac

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    Lol. I was getting a heavy Hawaiian vibe. Well, when the shops open, get ready. If you didn't have too many tourist before, just wait! I did assume you were living in florida, but after rereading, I see where I misunderstood. They (florida) just passed MMJ legislation, and it has a lot of us excited in this region. If I ever find myself on the islands. I will bump this thread and find you. Haha.
  11. Weezard

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    Feel free. I'll gift you some GG. :)
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    There is a way, I've heard and read it people doing which. I know you can extract the thc using isopropyl because my friend would soak all his pipes n shit in isopropyl and do something with the brown liquid. Possibly filtered the black chunks then boiled down the isopropyl? Not sure but I hope that helps.
  13. stevetrentwilliamson

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    Maybe this can offer an insight.
  14. Weezard

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    Kids, if you try this at home, DO NOT squirt the alcohol in the direction of the glowing heating element.
  15. stevetrentwilliamson

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    You could try the following tools to scrape resin out of your pipe. But keep in mind that the resin is probably not good for your health and neither contains that much THC in it either.

    • Bobby Pin or Paperclip
    • Lighter
    • Wax Paper Parchment Paper
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    Okay guys... First thing... Resin has large amounts of thc in it. Don't use butane or isopropyl alachol. You will get a headache from either do to the added chemicals. I would use the isopropyl before butane, but at it's highest form it's only 91%. To do this correctly clean all your pipes with everclear. 180 proof pure grain alachol. Safe for human consumption. Soak all your resin as well. After 72 hours all oils will be extracted safely. Filter this through a coffee filter and then evaporate it off safely. I prefer a hot plate and glass pie pan.

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