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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by RollingStoner420, Aug 8, 2005.

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    YEah i seem to post a lot...but what is the best way to make a bong...lie i heard different ways...not many tho...we got one with a water bottle and a pen thing goign threw it and then the cap for the bowl and pull tin foil over it. Then puff from the part u drink.... is that a good way or is there a much better way????? I wish i had my own bong but ya gatta be 18:'(
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    Well, I'll try to be as in depth as I can about this.

    The best way to make a bong is to get a water bottle, some tinfoil, and one of those really cheap bic pens.

    You take the bottle, empty it (or drink it), and wash it out to the best of your ability. Then, you take a cigarette and make a hole about 3 inches from the bottom of the bottle. Then, you turn the bottle around and make another hole about an inch or so above the other, directly on the opposite side. Take the pen, and empty out all of the "guts" so you basically just have a hollow cylinder. Take the pen canister and shove it into the lower of the two holes. If you burned the hole perfectly, it should be a perfect, air tight fit. Make a bowl however you want out of tinfoil.

    Fill the bottle up with water up to the lower of the two holes, cover up the other hole, light the bud, inhale through the end that you normally drink out of. You should see smoke rising from the water and filling up the "chamber". Then, take your finger off the hole and "shotgun" the hit into your lungs.

    The water-bottle bong. One of my personal favorites.

    That's the most simple and easy to make bong out there, I think. Of course, you can add in all sorts of cool shit to it (Personal favorite of mine is to burn in a ring with my lighter around the top of the chamber and make an ice chamber.. makes it a bit cooler.
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    you know every ones gonna tell you the tinfoil is really bad, but dude, once you see the new one i made, you'll masturbate to it
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    I've always wanted to go on a shopping spree in home depot for the perfect bong. like a glass drill, a nice steel pipe, i already have a perfect bowl, a shower nossil. it's perfect size and has a built in screen. and i'd drill a hole into a jack daniels bottle. and then assemble the rest of the bong as usual. fuck that's look so sexy........

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