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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Takingsunday21, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Takingsunday21

    Takingsunday21 Registered+

    Do you guys know of any way to make you weed smell better? I have about 1/2 O of this weed that smells just horrible. It's great weed though, but the smell is just too weird.
  2. buddymyfriend

    buddymyfriend Registered+

    #Get 1 orange and cut into four rough slices.
    #Put weed and orange into an airtight container, a lunch box will do. Put the weed at one end and the the orange at the opposit end. MAKE SURE THEY DONT TOUCH!
    #Close lid and leave in somewhere darl overnight.
    #remove weed and smoke not only will it actually weigh more(cud go on the scam!) it wont be as harsh and it will taste just like oranges.HMmmm

    The weed absorbs the moisture from the oranges overnight. The end result a smoother nicer tasting and SMELLING smoke!


    Buzzed Buddy
  3. flamingskullballs

    flamingskullballs Registered+

    wow...i will have to try that...
  4. mf greg

    mf greg Registered+

    ditto, not with the weed i got now, smells to good, mmm precious weed. k gotta go smoke a j now
  5. hipEstoner

    hipEstoner Registered+

    nah,, take whatever flavor you want like strawberry and get a couple strawberry cigars (blunts) andf throw the strawberry tobbaco wrap from the blunt into a bag of weed and smells and tastes great
    let the strawberry blunt sit in the bag of weed till it tastes and smells good, i know dude who would rip off peoople and said it was strawberry haze, they believed him cuz it tasted and smelled like strawberry
  6. buddymyfriend

    buddymyfriend Registered+

    Point noted hipEstoner. But if you had a harsh smoke i dont think blunts contain enough moisture to make it a more pleasant smoke. By using the fruit method not only does it taste, smell like the fruit used it is also a smoother smoke as the herb has absorbed moisture from the fruit.


  7. xNoa

    xNoa Registered+

    i cant really see a good reason why it should smell that awful.. sure it hasnt been sprayed down with some shit? not common at all i know, but ive never had nice green that smells bad...
  8. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    Next time i get an eighth i will do that, just to see what orange (or apple) weed tastes like:p
  9. F L E S H

    F L E S H Registered+

    I just bought some fresh raspberries... That should make for some sweet tasting buds!

    But then again, I like the way bud tastes on its own, so... :cool:

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