Male and Female SMELL????

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by SneakerPimp, Jan 14, 2006.

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    Ok, because Ive been lucky enough to NOT having to deal with too many male plants, only a few... I have this question....
    DO Male and Female cannabis plants BOTH smell the same?
    Now IM talking about when they are in a decent veg growth stage... I know my females always have a FABULOUS strong skunky smell around that time, I can just touch the stem of my white widow females and the smell on my finger is like opening up a nice fresh bag and taking a whiff! :stoned:
    So Im wondering when a male is that size or near that stage do they smell the same way? :confused:
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    Both sexes produce terpene right about at the onset of puberty... 14 - 21 days.
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    (n.) Any one of a series of isomeric hydrocarbons of pleasant aromatic odor, occurring especially in coniferous plants and represented by oil of turpentine, but including also certain hydrocarbons found in some essential oils.

    uh... yeah...
    but i disagree... males always smell dead..


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