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  1. MawcDrums

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    Hey guys...

    Got a plant here that's 4 days into flowering and it's starting to show it's sex..

    I've attached 3 pictures.. the first 2 are of my plant, the last one is a split comparison between early female preflowers, and early male preflowers. The female is on the left, and the male is on the right..

    How do you think I'm looking?

    I personally think it looks like a newly formed calyx, and not like a male crab claw / spade / ball :smokin:

    here's to hoping :)

    What do you guys think??

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  2. bizaard

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    Looks good and sticky, congrats.

    I'd say you could harvest whenever you're ready.:thumbsup:
  3. WashougalWonder

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    WTF are you talking about, the plant isn't even flowering yet........go smoke another doobie, it will help you think.

    Great camera. I would not commit at this point to either, another week and you will be sure.
  4. dooobster

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    I'd say your brain is good and sticky...

    Tough to tell at this time. Couple more days will tell you for sure... Look for a super tiny pistil in the coming days. If no pistil comes up ouy of that thing, its probably male. Good luck to ya for a girl!

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