Male or Female? Very early preflower

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Firebloom, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    Heya all I just noticed what *looks* to be pre-flowers on my first plant here.

    I just noticed these tonight. They weren't there yesterday.

    They are still under 24/0 lighting and I have not begun flowering yet.

    This particular plant is just a bit over 1 month in veg.

    There is only one growth on each side of the top node of this plant. Nowhere else yet, and they don't seem to be showing in a cluster.

    Honestly and unfortunately, I think it looks male from the shape of them... but they're very new growths right now... less than a day old.

    Pics 1 + 2 are the right side... Pics 3 + 4 are the left side.

    Can anybody tell if this one is male or female by these pics ?

    Or is it just too early to tell yet ?

    Thanks much in advance

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  2. Juggalo smoker

    Juggalo smoker Registered+

    It is a little too early to tell, but I would guess it is a female, as there looks ass if there are developing pistils (white hairs) so my guess is a female :thumbsup: . But I am only 60/40 sure. :confused: Give it a week and you'll know for sure
  3. BobBong

    BobBong Registered+

    I hope you have lots of pink paint!


    She's preflowering nicely.

    (but don't take my word for it)

    You may consider going down to 18/6?
  4. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    Thanks much guys :D

    I wasn't really sure to be honest... even though I have some pics of other pre-flowered plants to check it against.

    I've been sitting here staring at the plant for like 2 hours now hahaha.
    Its already popping new calyxes on other nodes, literally right in front of my eyes lol

    This is my first actual attempt at a good grow.. and this is also the first one of 6 bag-seeds planted :D

    Bob I was actually planning for tomorrow to be the day to cut down to 18/6.

    Time to get to work here on the flowering box me thinks ;)

  5. harris7

    harris7 Registered+

    yea i cant really say. Dont worry to much abou it. in a few nodes you'll know
  6. whitetop

    whitetop Registered+

    nice mate you have anice female therethe female a young only has leaves the male has little bolbs
  7. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+


    YOu need to wait until you see the white hairs to know for sure that its a female. I had a plant that looked like that and it was male, my other plant took alittle longer but when it did show pre-flowers, they had little hairs pointing out. I wish you the best of luck that it is a female though :thumbsup: ...
  8. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    I checked it again just now, and no signs of pistils yet... but over the night it has developed what looks to be a few other calyxes in several other nodes lower down on the plant as well. They're all still very early growths though.

    I imagine it will show me pistils within a week here if all goes well.

    I'll keep ya'll updated :thumbsup:
  9. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    No more guessing ! :D

    Good call Bob !!!

    She showed me her first little pistil today :greenthumb:

    WOOT First plant = Female ! :yippee:

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  10. BLaQLiGhT

    BLaQLiGhT Registered+

    Great News !!!

    Thats great news man :thumbsup: , the funny has just begun. So how long has it been in flowering for? I'm guessing 10 days, thats how long it took for my female plant to show off what she had hinden under her dress :p . In my experience, males show yes in about 8 days of 12/12. But I'm happy to hear about your wonderful news :dance: . Keep Em Green...
  11. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    These are actually just my pre-flowers :D

    I haven't even started flowering this plant yet lol

    She's been under 24/0 for the first month (today she's exactly 30 days old)
    I also just switched her onto my timers for 18/6 yesterday.

    I think I'm gonna veg her for a couple more weeks at 18/6, and let her get a little bit bigger and produce a few more nodes all around for a bigger yield.

    I will most likely LST her, and possibly FIM top her too.

    I have a log going in the closet/cabinet area, but I haven't updated it in a while. But I think this occasion definitely calls for an update sometime later tonight :)
  12. brookerosebud

    brookerosebud Registered+

    what strain?
  13. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    All of my current plants are from 2 different kinds of good bagseed.

    This one seems to be more of a sativa/indica hybrid.

    The other 3 plants I have going are looking to be a little heavier on the indica side.
  14. Radiohead89

    Radiohead89 Registered+

    definetly a female
  15. Rekos

    Rekos Registered+ so new about this as i'm unable to manage where or what is the pistil
    can you please edit the pic and put an arrow so I can see where the pistil is so i can recognize a female?
    Or if someone is able to show 2 different pics one a male and one a female litle plants so I can spot the difference in time pleaseee
  16. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    Heres a pic with it circled... notice the little hair popping out of the calyx ?
    Thats the start of a pistil.

    Pic 2 shows female preflowers that are a little bit more developed that mine is, and also shows what male flowers look like.

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  17. Psycho4Bud

    Psycho4Bud The Modfather


    Have a good grow!:thumbsup:

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  18. Firebloom

    Firebloom Registered

    Thanks Psycho!!! :D

    Sweet now I got some blunts too ! LOL

    I bet this would look good in a blunt right now...

    I think I'll go find out :jointsmile:

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  19. Rekos

    Rekos Registered+

    Many thank
    Hmm looks like I need to find some seeds now
    Hard to find where I live..I can only find industrial hemp seeds..thay say there are very low on THC. But Im wondering if I offer the pland conditions like alot of light, heat and they develop more THC?
    Sorry for offtopic
  20. Mercsix8six

    Mercsix8six Registered+

    heyeyy i see cigars congrats on a female lol yeppy 23 skidoo

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