Males, Females, and early recognition

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    This question….is it a male… it a female…..comes up so often that I thought that I’d try to consolidate information in one spot. This isn’t so much new information as I’ve seen a lot of this posted elsewhere….just an attempt to “bring it all together”.

    The Genotype used here is a nostalgia strain called “Gainesville Green”. It’s a hybrid and quite sativa dominate…..if in fact others experience different results with different strains then this is the place to show and tell.

    We will always have new growers here (the teachers of tomorrow) so I’ll start off with the basics. A male nanners, anthers, or balls (technically a male calyx) and a female “calyx”.
    As we progress into early recognition I’ll probably just use the word “nub” (for which I’ll probably take some heat) as theoretically it isn’t mature enough to be either one yet.

    We’ll start off with a picture of balls (male). These are developed enough that there is no doubt as to their sex. I won’t be posting anything more developed here as I’ll be working to the less developed end of the spectrum. For new growers and experienced alike…’s a link sent to me by Weezard dedicated to pictures of males only. Just beautiful, thanks for the contribution Weeze. :D

    The important thing for the beginner to study is the overall shape of the pod….it’s fullness and it’s taper (or lack there of). Getting that feeling in mind will help us as we regress to the lesser developed “nubs”.
    Notice also that the nanners come in clusters and that this early on the calyx (calyces) stand alone. Later on when the calyx cluster…..that’d be your buds….Bud!
    For the beginner notice that both calyx and nanners both develop at the internode junctions.


    And we’ll work our way backwards to some a little less obvious. They’re actually much harder to see with the naked eye….thankfully the magnification of the camera shows the true character earlier on.


    Higher up even the camera doesn’t magnify enough to be totally clear. But the clustering pretty much gives him away.


    Now since I’m only allowed 5 pictures per post here’s a couple of females. They’re pretty young….but that’s what suits our purpose. An early female doesn’t photograph all that well from straight on so here are a few profiles.

    The first one young enough that only a single pistil is present.

    Here’s another even younger….it’s still so new and the pistil is so very fine that it doesn’t show up very well. But it is there even at such an early stage of development. This particular plant is only going to give us one calyx on this side. If you look through the crotch to the back side you can see the two pistils of a more developed calyx.

    That should be enough so that the untrained eye can pick up the difference. So let’s move on to factors for early determination. We’ll talk about the females here and do the males in a following post as we’ll need more pictures.

    The first thing to notice for the females is the conical shape of the calyx. Wide at the base where it grows right off the main stem, straight to a pointy end where the pistil emerges. The overall shape is the giveaway.

    Also to notice is that the calyx attaches tight to the stem (it doesn’t stand off).

    This particular plant was topped at the seventh node. The calyx develops here first….and matures here first. It doesn’t take a lot of time for the calyx to throw a pistil. So all in all the female is the quicker to identify in it’s early stages.

    I'll move on to part 2
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    Da’ boyz.

    The males are a little slower to develop. I’ll start with some pictures and work backwards to the earlier stages.

    The thing to notice here (beyond the rather plump ball shape) is that the balls are going to want to stand off the main stalk on their own little stem. The female calyx grows tight to the main stalk but the males are going to want to eventually stand off.

    Here’s one a little earlier. You’ll probably have to zoom in to see that the ball is away from the stalk on it’s own less developed stem.

    And here in it’s infancy. The one on the left shows the ball forming and the narrowing coming off the main stalk. That’s where it will elongate it’s stem later on.

    And another showing the ball and the “stem to be” coming off the main stalk.

    This plant was also topped at the seventh node. So this will be the spot to watch for the first indication.
    WARNING….do not expect the nub to mature here first….while the plant will give you the first “nub” here, look above for the first mature balls on higher or newer growth.

    I hope that this serves the community for early recognition and to get the males out of the grow room as early as possible. If you’re still not sure remember that you have about ten days from the time that the males are quite obvious to remove them from the presence of “Le Femme”.

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    thanks horseman, the info helped me out a lot, I'm a newbie that has never seen growing boys and girls before, helped me A+ in id'ing my babies.
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    Very good pictures to show the differences. :thumbsup:
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    Bout time!


    Glad to be of help, that’s why I went to the trouble. And thanks for finally bumping this thread….after about 250 reads it needed to get back to the top where the newer growers can find it. This question gets asked so often.


    A nice compliment coming from someone who spends so much of their time and experience giving back to the community. Thanks for all you help….even if sometimes they forget to say it themselves. :D

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    Nice thread sonnyboy

    Hello HMR,

    I'm glad this did get bumped up too :thumbsup:

    Missed it initially, but you know how us newer growers are....slow on the uptake!

    Excellent thread and great pictures, I think I may even be able to figure out which is male and which are female with this great reference. Keep up the good work.

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    What ya say ol timer?

    Coudn’t unnerstan ya’…..prolly had yer tongue in yer cheek!


    Picture quality a gift from Sr. Zardly….Gracias Wee!
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    De nada, braddah!

    Pictures are easy.

    This thread has been well crafted.

    I'm impressed with the clarity of presentation.:cool:
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    Wish I could!

    "You must spread..."

    It seems that no matter how much rep I give, I’m never allowed to give rep a second time to the same person. If I remember correctly Redtails has the same glitch going for him. Maybe a moderator will wander by with the ability to fix that.

    I always try to show my appreciation for good work….sometimes that means saying thank you in somebody’s album. Then of course there’s guys like Headshake with no album. I posted a very weak picture for an album just for the purpose of communication. (you listening Shake)? :D

    I'd call it "sticky" quality.

    That’s probably a good idea…..cuz I imagine the question is gonna be asked a time or two more.

    Well Weeze the biggest comment has been the quality of the pictures….Job well done. :thumbsup:

    L8r mini gator,
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    HMR, Yeah I think my tongue was in my cheek when I typed that.

    But I'm with the 'zard on this one....should be a sticky! :thumbsup:

    OM (hey I didn't have to spread the love, guess I hadn't hit you up in awhile)
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    Always a pleasure!


    You sir, can jerk me around any time you’ve a mind to……been that way since the beginning……no reason to change that now.

    I’m just happy that you’ve recovered and are here to do exactly that. :)

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    Hate to go OT on such a nice thread, but...

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    As well you should have!

    Hate to go OT on such a nice thread, but...

    Well the business end of this thread was pretty much taken care of in the beginning. For me, that puts enjoying the “locals” back to top priority.

    Intially pissed, I realized "I resemble that remark". :D BTW, I've had a few compliments on it already.

    As well you should have my friend….for you are an extremely handsome man. ;)

    It does leave me confused as to who exactly I partied with in Vegas…..I suspect it was you because the guy I partied with sure could put away the weed!

    I did a re-read of my initial post and I’d like to rephrase something.

    WARNING….do not expect the nub to mature here first….while the plant will give you the first “nub” here, look above for the first mature balls on higher or newer growth.

    Let me change that to:

    WARNING….the plant may or may not mature here first….at times the plant will give you the first “nub” here, but mature balls on higher or newer growth.

    Equus loves it when you kid him.
    Makes him feel "sonny boy" young.

    You make me feel so young… make me feel there’s songs to be sung…………………………………………..

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    It's about time!

    It's been a month.....bout time for a bump.

    Hope to have been of service,
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    I think it is time I added my posting about early recognition as some folks are starting to experiment. Though it is here: I will just quote the text here to keep folks in this thread.

    I will also add before I do this, that I now am starting to look at the seed itself before planting. I look for a perfect circle at the end that was at the stalk. So far, every perfect circle seed I have planted in the last year has been a female.

    That being said:
    Now I have had one instance of the red not showing. It was recent. I picked a 'female' seed by the criteria stated, and it is almost done flowering at this writing. So, it seems the butt end of the seed may be even more accurate. This plant has never shown any of the red at all throughout it's life.
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