Males, Females, and early recognition

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    Many have seen in my grow log that I am attempting to prove this theory. I have attempted to label the sex of 4 seedlings at day 6 using Washougal's criteria. This has resulted in 2 hard ID's with one plant clearly indicating male and one clearly female with a solid red main stalk. The other two are not so clear, but I have noticed something and wonder if others can confirm this from pictures of their early plants. In all but the big fast growing green one that we think is male, the main stalk between the first true leaves and the first internode is clearly red (day 16). Is this a true indicator? Time will tell.

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    I have also been testing your early sexing technique and from what I have observed, they have showed signs of being female from as early as day 4. Next, I'll have to test your perfect circle on seeds theory. Why do your posts make me get all "Bill Nye"? haha :detective1:

    Happy holidays to all!
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    while i laid in hospital this thread went from pics of nice normal pre-flowers to red streaks on seedlings and prefect circles on seeds :wtf: i'm finding it impossible to resist the urge to sprout a few dozen seeds to test these theories ....da*n internet...,must look at every seed with mag glass , record round or not , label seed ,look at each sprout ,record red streak or not.....THANKS....THANKS much paper work ahead:( .....or maybe hobble on back to bed and let the young folks take care of it ......damn pharms are kicking in...fuck me later baby.
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    En guard! Spur ious indicators abound.

    For what it's worth, I noted the shape of the seed's li'l 'ole when planting 2 horseflowers.
    One was quite round, one was oval.
    The oval became a male with a touch of purple on a few fanleaf stems, but none on the main stalk.
    And the round 'ole seed jus' popped pistils but has the exact same coloration, or lack of same.
    Looks like dis;
    First, da kane. (male)


    Den, da Wahine
    Shorter, fatter, but same coloration, yah?;
    View attachment 261901

    "There are additional little indicators, like the parts I call the spurs. They seem to look more like crossed swords early in life whereas in males they just look like pointy things sticking up."

    I'm thinking that the "crossed swords" thingie is more dependent on the diameter of the stem, which is in turn, affected by the speed of growth.
    Males generally grow a li'l faster.
    Faster growth will "skinny up" the stalk and cause the spurs to cross.
    So, in a way, it is an indicator.:cool:


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    BioniCam anyone?

    Since this thread was to get the newer members a place to start…..I’d love to continue on with earlier and earlier methods.

    For the newer viewers that don’t know what Washougal and the WeeZard were referring to about identification from viewing the seed….here’s a link with pictures to bring you up to speed.
    That’s certainly better than my awkward attempt to describe it.

    I only have a magnifier….but I don’t have a camera to share that kind of magnification, so if any EyeClops users have the interest to post a picture or two…..I’m not willing to spring the $100+ for the BioniCam just now. I might have to wait until I pull another…..I mean have another job!

    Weeze, I’ll go back and look again….but from memory the 27 yr old “horseflowers” seed almost never seemed to have a round pocket at the butt, while the 2010 horseflowers seed appeared across the board much more symmetrically round.

    The last few seed that I popped were supposed to be femmed… turned out male. I really should have looked….oh well, I will next time.

    Washougal……backtrack back up to my second post and then down to the third picture. That bad boy has some very red petioles…..while the girls(pics 4 and 5) in the first post aren’t nearly as red…..tell me what you think (they are the same genotype). I’m not totally sure that I get it.

    You know….we could post a few seed butt pictures….take bets on M or F. Who knows…this could turn out to be a good little money maker. :D

    Still plenty to learn,
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    Horse, WW had referred to his early sexing of seeds in post #20 in this thread."I will also add before I do this, that I now am starting to look at the seed itself before planting. I look for a perfect circle at the end that was at the stalk. So far, every perfect circle seed I have planted in the last year has been a female."

    So far his early sexing id of early growth plants has been right on the money. There are still a few weeks left in my experiment to be sure his techinique is on the money with my gals although, from my personal experience, I am predicting that WW is on the right path to early id'ing of plants. If this if proven to be fact I will have a lot less termoil waiting to see if my plants are going to yield me something special or going to be a genetic experiment for a later date.

    Needless to say, I am hoping that this "new" techinque is something we can all call upon in the future ... is anybody as excited as I am or am I just freaking :stoned: out of my mind?!?
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    Just so I didn't step on your toes Horseman. :thumbsup:

    I am thinking I want some pollen and growing out a male might just be a good way to test the theory - the other way. Need to look thru seeds now and find oval irregular flatter seeds.
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  9. oldmac

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    Hey Ya'll,

    I find the seed shape indicator and stem color indicator, for sex ID to be very fasinating. But it is important to be able to sex the plant the "old fashioned" way, just like Horsemanrocks' pictures at the beginning of this thread shows.

    You are going to see a bunch of newbies in the comming months with questions like....."I know it's a female plant 'cause I used a round bottom seed but the plant won't make flowers..." you all know what I mean.:D

    The old fashioned way has not failed me, and when I want a surefire method of having female seeds....I make them.;)
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    It's come to this then? Seed porn!?


    Nex' time ya whip up a batch of femmed seeds, take macro shots of their "naughty parts an' we'll run 'em by da roundness detector.*

    (*Jus' show 'em to da male plants an' stan' back!:D)

    Howzit O. M.?
    I figure dat folks lookin fo' early I D get what dey need inna firs' two posts, yah?
    So, on-topic is well covered.
    We can amuse ourselfs wit' dis specutatin' n weed pokin' at da back end.
    Dey jus' snip dis off when it goes sticky.

    Aloha, y'all
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    Yeah, Sonnyboy didn't seem too worried about being OT.

    Just like the old days, hanging out on somebodies back porch, watching the grass grow.

    I gotta great story for ya and HMR and whoever. I fired up the old still last week, somebody with a bar/resturant asked me to produce a few jugs for New Years. Since Christmas afternoon we've been doing homemade eggnog with it, great stuff. Well this AM when asked how he'd like his eggs; scrambled, fried or poached Tonto replied "nogged" so for breakfest we started with eggnog.

    BTW for the last few days we've been can't do that in HI!:D

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    Nog, schmog! We need mead!

    Well, not in Honolulu, or my yard.
    But, Haul it up to 13,000 feet this week and you can snowmobile yer ass off, with a great view too.:cool:
    Trouble is, when ya coast downhill you run out of snow right away.
    So, mo' betta bring your "Jaggedlavarock-mobile" as well.;)

    Good story!
    Funny you should mention.

    Buddy of mine distilled a pallet of cheap wine and gave me a half-gallon jug of "wine 'shine" to make tinctures with.
    I owe him a tincture.
    And our Christmas libation was home-brewed Christmas-berry mead with Pomegranate extract flavoring.
    Alcohol content exceeds 20%
    Tastes much mo' betta dan it sounds.

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    Share the wealth! lmao ... I hear you OM, if you make them yourself you know where they came from. Takes all the guess work out of it. :jointsmile:
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    no matter where ya go....there ya are

    crushed in a car wreck , can barely walk, cold ,wet and muddy outside.all my children here ,wife waiting on me hand and foot,out of state friend brings 90 clones of 15 verities from 900 miles away and pots them for me[wife neglected garden].local pal brings a QP of what he call hariawana[sp?] to take the place of doc prescribed opiates is good ,HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL !!!!
  15. seventhchild

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    long tradition of home brewing here ,but that sounds alot taster than the persimmon wine i have yet to pop the cork on .
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    7th o m g I am so sorry to hear of your wreck! The fact that your wife and family are there with you speaks volumes ... and the fact that your better half brought with her a wealth of good tidings for the holiday season is so amazing!

    As for the hariawana I've never heard of this strain. Maybe you'll enlighten us in a future post of all its pluses and minues?

    The very best to you and yours in your time of healing. :) I will be watcing to keep in touch with your progress from your wreck. (force yourself to walk no matter how much it hurts if your therapist tells you to! Deal?)
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    I'm waiting to hear it too. I've check out some of my seeds, and I do have variation and it will help with trying to get a male occasionally to entertain one of the ladies!!! :lol5:
  18. Lynhal

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    haha, I hear you so loud and clear, G! I guess most growers only care about the yield (kill those males!) versus the possibilities those male genetics can bring to the party down the line... botany is awesome but I'm a nerd in that way even with my dancy tangerines! :cool: (a little history lesson for those whom don't want one in the first place: This variety of tangerine originated in 1867 from a seed of a Moragne tangerine in the groves of Colonel F. L. Dancy.)
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    when life hands you swag...make hash

    Love is awesome....lets all of us try to give more than we receive.

    i spelled it wrong..Harijuana...the ABSOLUTE BEST pain medicine i have ever smoked :thumbsup: 2 hits every 2 hours instead of 10mg of percocet every 4 more narcotics for me:stoned: the grower says its a very low yielding plant but i'm getting some clones anyway :)

    DEAL...i'v got 3 months to get in good enough shape to help the wife with her flower beds and veggie garden or she'll kick my ass.The very best to you and yours also....Merry New Year !!!!:hippy:
  20. Lynhal

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    LMAO! Tell your better half there will be no ass kicking :asskick: until you ass is healed enough for the kicking! :D

    Thanks so much for the well wishes and I am so glad to hear you have nixed the narcs and have adopted the bud for a great replacement! :thumbsup:

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