Males, Females, and early recognition

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Horsemanrocks, Oct 12, 2010.

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    Absolutely perfect!

    Good eye Zard-like enigma….a perfect regression. The shapes don’t lie!

    With my “older” eyes I’d never have regressed this far…..I’d almost be willing to bet that even younger eyes would never get there without the magnification of the camera.

    I haven’t tried it, but with the regression that I tried to show in the first two posts….well. it just makes perfect sense. I don’t have anything in the mother cabinet to work against at the moment…..but I cant imagine that I’d find anything to disagree with.

    I think that the GreenThumbDoc absolutely nailed it. So those with the need to sex them even earlier….follow WeeZards link in the post above…..could save days in wondering.

    The red petioles theory….Well, it didn’t hold true for me.

    Now as far as round seed butts….I’ve been looking at them. It’s just sooo subjective. I have absolutely no opposition…’s just that the seeds from my summer seed run all look so round to me, while the older seeds almost never look round. That said, Weeze has been on a rather exceptional run of females here recently with the fresher seeds.

    I did harvest them in a somewhat unusual way…..we’ll save that for further investigation.

    Hell! dat's
    Dat's da way ya do it.
    Hittin' on da bong-o like a chim pan zee
    Ju's pick up yer penlight, den grab a camera.
    Ya play da Wee 'zard onna C dot C.

    Thought I remembered that song….maybe I dis-remembered it. ???
    But in a word….priceless!

    Again, good eye Zardly and thanks for alerting us all.
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    Can't wait to hear in what way you did the harvest. :)
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    Might be sorry you asked.

    I heard dat da man fries bacon in his birthday suit.
    Do you really want to know how he extracts seeds?:D

    Weeze in da weeds
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    Sizzling bacon

    Can't wait to hear in what way you did the harvest. :)

    It's only theory.....It'll take a number of attempts to even bother a verdict

    I heard dat da man fries bacon in his birthday suit.
    Do you really want to know how he extracts seeds?

    I fry eggs....necked
    Bacon.....a T-shirt and two pair of shorts!

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    Bacon thiefs in 'bestos briefs.

    Fry on, Horse!

    It's bump time!
    So folks can find this thread.:thumbsup:
    And mention how da Ghoti strain has fully bent my head.:jointsmile:

    Um, wait, what were we talkin 'bout?

    <wanders off, mumbling, farting, giggling>
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    Totally premeditated

    I’m only nearly as dumb as I look….but not completely.

    Knowing you….the likelihood of your crossing it with something “strange” and returning it was practically a given.

    Boy-oh-boy cunnardly wait!

    Totally premedicated,
    The devious one.
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    I don't spend a lot of time around here anymore....but I see so many male/female questions that I thought I'd give it a bump.

    If it helps you....bump it so it's near the top for the newer members.

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    found this particularly helpful at the time. must been at this a long while? thanks pop ;) *bump*
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    My pleasure pOlOg....glad to have been of help.

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    What a Gem! Priceless! pr
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    Yeah PR, Weeze is one funny boi.....made me laugh too.
    Been busy gettin' the girls dressed up for the summer as well as tomatoes, peppers, squash, breeding projects, etc-etc.

    I do check in every couple of months and the list of "is it male or female" threads ahead of this is always endless so I shamelessly bump.

    I hope your indoor med project is taking shape....and w/ RH going down I haven't kept up with the local action as searching around on the other sites has been a little more time than I have to spend. Hope all is well.

    Bump in the night,
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    Bump in the night.....eeeekks.
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    As in, "Things that go".
    As in, tiny lizard, bro.

    Night bumper.

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    Thanking you big time I've just sexed my first baby that's two down one to go I love this Site and the friendly people on it :thumbsup:
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    Good one to bring back!! Read and learn…
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    Oh, it's BUMP time!

    This thread is too valuable to allow it to fade.
    Worthy of stickyness IMO.
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    Good read. Thanks for your time. Just started my first grow, germinated (12) seeds 10 days ago and they are already 2.5" tall and producing 2nd and 3rd nodes. I also have 7 in week 4 of flower so this was extremely useful as I'd hate to pollinate my big girls.
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    Oh well....I've been bumping this for reason to quit now.

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    Old thread, i know.
    Im curious to an answer that might resolve my dilemma. I have a indica dominate hybrid. Shes 7 days into flower. (I say she for positive reinforcement). She has many "preflower" spots of what look to be female calyxes without far.
    My concern is, on the lower half of the main stalk, my " preflowers" are elongated and some look as if it has its own stalk..but none have the "crab claw" or "balls" that are characteristic with male patterns that ive seen.
    All other calyxes seem to scream vagina. But those bottom "pre flowers" has me raping internet forums for answers.

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