Males/Hermies? When is pollen released - and smoking the male pollen sacks? (PHOTOS)

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by mahavatar, Aug 26, 2010.

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    SWIM got some plants he is unsure if are hermies or males. He is posting photos here. His main question is, at what stage into flowering do the males/hermies release their pollen? They are now somewhere over 2 weeks into flowering and the sacks have just started appearing.

    ALSO, a friend of SWIM told him that he cuts off the pollen sacks of males and hermies, dries them, and smokes them on their own and say that this is a very potent smoke.

    Anything to that and anyone else tried that?

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    New photos, a bit hard getting good closeup but will have to do. As seen, there are some white hairs coming out of the "sacks" here and there, while other places not. The images here are of 3 different plants. From what I can determine, they are hermies, none of them seem to be 100% male to me, and maybe one is all female too dunno yet as its very early flowering and I notice the "sacks" that I imagine to be male tends to open and let a white hair grow out - as with females.. Any more input on what these are?

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    Some more:

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    Takes two or 3 weeks for the pollen sacks to form and mature. (yes, you have an acute case of hermaphrodism)

    The THC (the active ingredient that provides cannabis' effects) is in the trichomes, not the pollen. So no, there's nothing to it.

    I'd start looking for another seed vendor, or somehow find a better bagseed. The plants you have now will never fill-in, and the little bit of filling-in it does, will be mostly unusable seeds.

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