Males ???....I think so !

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Buds Buddy, May 4, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Well it's my 1st grow & I did not use Feminized seeds. (I will next time....just wanted to experiment & learn on the 1st grow so not expecting much). I started with 6 plants. 2 died in the early stages after transplanting. 4 grew pretty good as the reached about 2' & 3' & currently seem healthy. They've been in flower for 9 days now & I believe 2 of these 4 are the dreaded Males. They are now removed from the tent & in the garage.
    Like I said...1st I want to confirm I do have males by asking all you knowledgeable growers your opinions. I'm far from a pro at determining this as it's the 1st time I've even seen it. GEDC3789_LI.jpg GEDC3792_LI.jpg GEDC3793_LI.jpg GEDC3800_LI.jpg GEDC3805_LI.jpg GEDC3806_LI.jpg GEDC3807_LI.jpg
    Posting a few pics....So tell me....Males or not ???
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    Mine kind of look like that but at an earlier stage I think. The one in your pic appears to be older .... maybe 2 - 3 weeks into flower. Mine is only 9 days in. I still think mine would have turned out to look more like your picture within another week or so. Was hoping someone could tell me for sure from my pics so I know they were Males I ripped out & trashed. I don't want to be wondering next grow (even though there shouldn't be any Males in Feminized Auto Flower Seeds). It's just something I want to know & be able to catch at an early stage for my own comfort.
    I've seen so many pics of males & they're all in later stages like yours. Any way it goes the plants are gone now.
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    Those are definitely males, so don't worry about whether you threw out females. Feminized seeds are the way to go, at least when first starting growing.
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