Manicuring buds, is it necessary?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by phytokind, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    Since I flowered at 1.5 weeks and only have one plant I'm going to need to harvest every usable scrap from my plant, so I was wondering if I can just leave the whole smaller bud leaves on during the drying and curing process, and if the tips of the leaves have a worthy amount of THC, even if they're not covered with trichomes.
  2. invision

    invision Registered+

    you can but it will give a real harsh smoke from the leaves unless you plan on curing it a long time(month) i just cut off all the green possible who wants to smoke leaves?
  3. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    Well true but since I flowered so early the leaves are really small. And I do plan on curing for awhile, so I think I'll just leave them intact.
  4. sth

    sth Registered

    Just out of curiosity... why did you only veg for 1.5 weeks?
  5. kocano

    kocano Registered

    sugar leave

    i always keep my sugar leave,its a handy source of puffable material if the bud runs dry!!
  6. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    I have a very narrow window of opportunity to grow my plant, so I was forced to flower as soon as possible, and I also have limited space. But next time I'm definitely going to veg for longer, and just LST early on to reduce the plant's height. I'm relatively happy with the results, although this is my first real grow.
  7. nomadd 39

    nomadd 39 Registered

    Leaves fuck up the smoke bro,take the leaves off before drying and keep them for hard times, but don`t mix the 2, cure the buds separate.
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  8. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    I like nomadd's idea
  9. phytokind

    phytokind Registered+

    So can I just drop the leaf clippings in the curing jar with the buds?
  10. crazywill

    crazywill Registered+

    Hey phytokind
    Trim those buds&save the leaves ,but dry the leaves on a screen{window screen}.If you put them in with the bud you can cause mold.And it takes alot longer to dry & cure all that plant matter thats not good for smokeing.
    Well that's my 2cents

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