Discussion in 'Minnesota (MN)' started by MightyJoBong, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. MightyJoBong

    MightyJoBong Registered

    Anyone here from mankato besides Rollingstoner420 and EstimateProphits??????
  2. rico8908

    rico8908 Registered+

    Im from Mankato
  3. blinkoplinko

    blinkoplinko Registered


    imfromyour mom! just kidding! :)
  4. gustie2009

    gustie2009 Registered+

    I'm from St. Peter, so that almost counts.

  5. rangerswyfe

    rangerswyfe Registered+

    I am in Mankato...I know tons of smokers. Catch ya all later :D
  6. usedchemicals

    usedchemicals Registered+

    i too am from st peter
  7. super420

    super420 Registered+

    Went to college in St. Pete, now I'm in 'Kato fo the time being.
  8. frankynubs

    frankynubs Registered

    im from willmar
  9. KingsBlend420

    KingsBlend420 Registered+

    tonka, far from kato, but go there to party sometimes
  10. rangerswyfe

    rangerswyfe Registered+

    i am just outside mankato

    hey ya'll i am from mankato but i live in mapleton...lets get together sometime and have a smokeout :jointsmile: woohoooo
  11. jdic06

    jdic06 Registered+

    franky, i have a cabin in spicer that i go to sometimes on the weekends, where in willmar are you? my cabin is on green lake
  12. Cannabic

    Cannabic Registered+

    Maybe I know you... I went to school in mapleton a few years ago
  13. NorthBrook19

    NorthBrook19 Registered+

    I'm thinking of moving to Mankato to go to MSU. Anyone word on the campus/scene?
  14. KingsBlend420

    KingsBlend420 Registered+

    a lot of stds are at MSU, but I guess you can say that about every college. All I know is that my friend went there and supposedly there is a huge STD rate. I dunno if it's true or not, otherwise it's your standard public 4 year state university. I go to st cloud state, basically the same exact thing just a couple hours north of MSU.
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  15. washburn

    washburn Registered

    I just moved to Mankato and I heard that rumor about stds. Either way I'm not sitting on the toliet seats here. But it's good to know others out there enjoying the grass in Minnesota as much as I.

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