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    Ok so I'm a first time (well bought all the stuff 8 years ago and got paranoid, sold everything) grower and I have been reading/watching many uni/college lectures on plants in general and growing indoors in general, here are some of the questions I need answered, because everyone's answer varies so much I can't seem to get a straight one.

    1. I've heard the air in the room should be taken out every 1 minute, another source said every 5 minutes, many people say at night they don't keep the fans on, so.... what is it? I know plants need circulation, so should i just turn them down to low when the lights aren't on or is it actually safe to have NO circulation (interior/exterior) (other than oscillating fans in the room) for 6 or 12 hours?

    2. I've heard chlorine is bad also clorimite? but I read (I forget where) chlorine is actually a micro nutrient (or something that helps the plant) for the plant. I am using soil and I have the "General Organics GO BOX" and on the box it says keep water UNDER 75 Fahrenheit (according to a review cold water keeps the oxygen in better) also it says no PH adjusting required, if I just use those products the Ph should be 6-6.5 according to a youtube is this true?

    3. Filtered water VS. RO Water: I heard Brita Fileters and verified "Ion Exchange" takes out calcium and magnesium and turns it into something else (for drinking water) so..... which is better RO or Filtered? I have CalMag I'm sure filtered (Brita) should work fine but does anyone know more about this?

    4. I'm trying best to make it an "air tight" space with the white/black 5.5mm plastic taping it together for each sides of the wall with gorilla tape, mainly because I heard it's favourable to have a NEGATIVE AIR PRESSURE to prevent fungus or mold? (specifically a 4:1 negative air pres ratio)

    5. I'm growing in a basement so its cold but I've managed to hook up the exterior air to the old chimney, its a 400 CFM fan, there shouldn't be a problem pushing that much air (with a carbon filter on it and 2x 90 degree turns) out correct? Or are chimney's not a good exterior vent source because of the space or something?

    6. By looking at these questions am I taking everything to literal, that everything HAS to be done right to get a good yield. BTW I'm using a 1200w Mars II Pro LED, and in the other space (connected to this space but separated by the plastic sheeting) 2x 50w T5 "Sun Blaster" veg lights. I have a total height of 67" did I just fk myself over by buying a 1200w LED or will it work at that height fine and not burn (or harm) my plants?

    Any tips for the MARS II PRO or LEDs in general I'm growing Feminized White Widow (not autoflower) or any tips for the strain?

    Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Many misconceptions here, and also many things that everyone will have a different opinion about. On these, I will also give you my opinion and it is up to you to decide if I am correct, or that guy in the grow store that you love giving money to. I am going to take your issues one by one and answer along with your long text.

    I exchange my air about 5 times a minute during the summer time, and I find that to be just about right. Your scale doesnt even go that far. During the winter months to conserve heat I only run these fans for 15 minutes at a time, and then 15 minutes off, 24/7. If my lights are on, there is a fan dedicated to keeping the hood cool by piping outside air through the hood and back out of the tent. I would NEVER consider turning my fans off for an extended period of time, like overnight. That is just asking for trouble and it serves no purpose other than those of a miser. Any air exchange you can manage is a good thing, the more the better... well, within reason that is. You don't necessarily want to create a wind tunnel... but yeah, the plants like fresh air... a lot.

    If you intending to run an organic grow, chlorine in any form is forbidden. Chlorine is intended to kill the very microlife that you are trying to foster. That means no tap water. Yes, chlorine is a micro nutrient, but very micro... we don't even really know what the plant does with it. So if you are running a true organic grow, and actually encouraging microlife to grow and thrive in your soil, you are correct... pH is no longer a factor that needs to be adjusted. The only reason pH is adjusted in synthetic grows is to get into the range where the salt chemical bonds around the chemicals can be released into the soil/solution. In an organic grow, it is the microlife and the active ready to uptake nutes in the organic nute mix that makes the magic happen, and there are no salt chemical bonds to have to worry about, and I would not worry about the pH of their solutions.

    Brita filters out everything, but the filters are expensive. Comparing longterm cost, I prefer RO or distilled in an organic grow. Dont worry about the calcium/magnesium in your water... your nutrients are not coming from your water.

    Air tight? How long would you survive in there without air exchange? How long do you think your plants will survive once they use all the co2? So, you have to exchange the air, in a big way. If there is mold in the basement, air exchange even due to negative pressure would bring it right into the tent, yes? So, if you have that problem in the area, you probably want to filter the air coming in, or bring it in via the window. The things that negative pressure does for you is to allow passive air exchange, and to allow you to filter any air that is being sent back out of the tent. Most of us need to take great care not to let the smell of the grow room leak out into the house, and the only way to do that is with negative air pressure.

    I like the chimney trick. You might be able to get away with not even having to filter the output being that high up and diffused into the wind! Good job!

    You don't have a lot of vertical height to work with there, and in that area you are going to have to work hard to keep the vertical height to a minimum. I struggle to keep the plants at the proper height under big lights in a 7' tent. I strongly suggest that you look into a SCRog type grow, where you have total control over the vertical. It is a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it. With those lights and carefully controlling the the other variables, you are going to have some outstanding harvests.

    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more. I figured you put out all the effort to type up those good questions, so I would try to equal your effort and give you the best advice I could. Good luck!
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