March 2013 Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Review

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by MissSmokinHot, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Hey everyone, i just wanted to share my story because when i was going through all the nervousness and trying to find reviews on the product, i read a few and then most of them are the story with a promise of posting results, and then no results posted. Come on seriously? Post the results!!

    I had 2 months of interview/job shadowing/etc and then was finally offered the job. I should have known there was a drug test but i didnt know until the very end, so no time to quit. I have never subbed before and it was really freakin nervewracking.

    I went to local head shop and the guy was not helpful at all to say the least. He was on his cell the whole time and didnt even look up at me when he said things like, "I CANT ANSWER THAT and I CANT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT" like wtf dude u can be a little more helpful. so at first he tried to give me pills but im like do u have synthetic urine?? because i heard detoxing yourself is too much of a risk. He gave me bottle of ultra klean ultra pure, no other options. I bought the 2 oz and left.

    The box came with 2 oz bottle with rubber band and small heating pad. The morning of the test i took everything out, the box says to shake the heating pad and put it around the urine and piut in your pocket for up to an hour. I did not have the patience for this so i ended up just putting it in the mocrowave for 10 secs then putting pad around it and in my underwear. I got ready to leave and kept checking to make sure it was staying at correct temp, which it was.

    I dressed nice, i had tight jeans on with boots and a nice lace top, my boyfriend told me u could not see the bottle so off we went. I WAS SO NERVOUS. I couldnt help it, almost shaking...the nerves really messed with me...i felt like people were looking at me. Plus the bottle was leaking a little bit which pissed me off...i sat waiting in the waiting room for almost 40 mins, if u want to make sure to get it over with quick then i would suggest going in the morning when they first open...i went around 12. While i was sitting i could feel some pee dripping down my leg, there was nothing i could do but wait...wait...wait...i thought for sure the temp was down by the time i got called.

    FInally the woman calls me to the back and has me hang up my coat and put my purse in a safe...did not make me empty my pockets or anything more then that. Once i got in there i sat down and peed, while taking everything out..the temp was like 96 degrees! i was so relieved!! I started squirting the pee into the cup where she drew a line for me to fill to, it was so loud though so i just uncapped and poured in. I was so scared because it DID NOT fill up to the line, i bought the 2 oz bottle. It was like half inch below line, a little less than that. I left pee and toilet paper in the toilet and walked out, she took the temp and checked off the box that it was between 90-100. I started making chit chat because i was so damn nervous and she was very nice. She had be sign my viles and then i left, that was it! so glad it was over with!!

    This was 2 days ago, i have not heard anything. It was a split specimen so its being sent to a lab. All i can do now is wait for the results, i have so much riding on this pee...if anyone has experience with ultra klean ultra pure please share your story! Its march 15, 1013 i will post results as soon as i have them.

    So i just want to close with, the nerves are the worst part about the whole thing! I was most nervous about the temp being there, but it was no issue at all. So just be confident!! I PRAY IT WORKS OUT!!!!
  2. MissSmokinHot

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    still havent heard but i know im screwed, they sent it to a lab and all i am freakin reading is people that didnt pass when it got sent to a lab. cant believe this.
  3. MissSmokinHot

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    havent heard anything yet sure i should hear something today if its bad.
  4. MissSmokinHot

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    just found out i could check the status of my specimen, it was "reported" the day after i took it.....not sure what that means yet
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    It likely means that the results have been reported to your employer.

    Do a Forum Search with the terms "start date inquire". Theres some pointers there on what you can do to get the ball rolling.
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    thank you, appreciate it.
  7. MissSmokinHot

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    Still in the waiting game everyone...some things i can pass along....if you go to this website --->, you can put your ID number on the top of your sheet you bring with you to get tested, it doesnt tell u results however it will tell if its been reported to your employer, and from that you can get a good idea whats going on. I found out that my results were sent to my employer the very next day after i took the test...from further researching i see that if its negative it will probably be posted within 24 hours, if its positive then it will take 2-3 days for the extra verification and testing. So im still in the dark but im hoping this is good news. I will certainly be sure to post results as soon as i have a definitive answer. :thumbsup:
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    And??? What's the verdict? I started a new job Wednesday and knew at some point I'd get tested and certainly didn't expect to get tested as soon as I walked in the door but that is what happened. I hadn't been in the room on my first day more than 5 minutes when they decide I'm going for my "physical". So I had some Ultra Pure Ultra Klean and stopped at my home on the way there to warm it up. Got a dollar store knee brace and pulled it up to my balls and stuck the little bottle in there with the warmer. Used it and had the temp right as the tech wrote on my sheet. Then it got sent out. That was Wednesday and I'm waiting to hear the results. I am extremely scared.
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    It has barely been a day then. :D
  10. MissSmokinHot

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    SORRY GUYS!! i literally JUST found out!!! I START WORK NEXT MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUBBING WORKS!!!!!!! ultra klean was the brand i used, and man it saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    listen to me, i just went thru this. the worst part about the whole thing?? THE WAITING. ok i DID NOT practice ONE time, i just read the directions and followed them. No one will suspect u have fake piss on u....the nerves are the worst part but dont worry YOU GOT THIS! my pee was split and sent to lab for further home free and you will be too. (unless you live in oregon? lol)

    i went through so many ups and downs during these few weeks, some days i thought i was in the clear then the next day i was sure i failed. No news is def good news. If you fail you will know within 2 days most likely. these last 2 weeks SUCKED, i was in a depression!! It was the WORST, but buy a good product and you will be FINE. IF anyone has any questions i will be sure to answer them, i know when i was going through this i just wanted to hear success story after success story, i couldnt get enough. I hope my review helped calm some nerves.

    Proud to be a member of the Sub Club. :thumbsup:

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    :dancing:OK signed up to give everyone a fresh review on this ultra klean pre mixed urine. I did a lot of research prior to my decision and basically I had a good feeling reading a lot of the results using ultra klean synthetic urine. I caught word from HR (oil industry) that my employer was having my sample sent off to Pac Labs in OR and from what I gather they are testing for uric acid a lot these days. I ended up calling to confirm that the 4oz bottle of urine I purchased from them for like $25 had the uric acid inside it. The lady I spoke with confirmed it had uric acid as well as all other human compounds, needless to say I had to go with it since there was no way my urine could pass a this point. I took my test Friday April 17th and I just got email conformation from my employer I passed...whewwww Ultra Klean urine works here in 2015 My sample was sent to Pac Labs in OR it took approx. 3-4 days to get the results on my end but like I said it works as they promised. One hint make sure you conceal the urine kit in your underwear or bra because the technician made me empty my pockets out prior to going into the restroom. :D
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