Marijuana Allergy Experiments

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    I have a buddy who is allergic to Marijuana. Whenever he smokes it, he's fine at first, but the next day he awakes suffering from vomiting and stomach pain. He also breaks out in rashes on his skin if he comes into a lot of contact with the smoke itself. He tried smoking multiple times and every time it happened this way. We've also found out his mother is allergic as well. I've done a bit of research and, while I have found cases of people suffering from the same symptoms, I have yet to find any answers as to what causes it. Mainly I was concerned with whether or not it was simply a non-psychoactive part of the plant that they were allergic to. Finally, after a lot of research and wondering, we decided to just test the theory out ourselves.

    For the first experiment we decided to make a batch of brownies. I made a batch using 5 grams of some dank Bubba Kush. The batch was suppose to make 32 doses according to the recipe I used, but I found it to be more like 16 doses. So my friend ate one of the 16 doses, and one was easily enough to make you feel awesome, especially for someone without a tolerance. I made the brownies using oil, and I strained all of the plant matter out of the oil prior to mixing. About 2-3 hours later he said he felt a little "sick". He had a cigarette and he said that made it worse. The feeling went away after about 30-45min, and I think it may have just been his peak, and we was just experiencing being super stoned, because on top of having no tolerance, he's a lightweight when it comes to everything, all drugs tend to have more effect on him than most other people. He even told me afterwards he thought the brownie was a little too strong for him. But other than this incident of feeling sick, he felt completely fine from thereafter. Thus, it is most definitely a non-psychoactive part of the plant causing this allergic reaction.

    So some time has passed since then, and last night we decided to try another experiment. I ground up some medical headband and loaded up my vapor bros hands free whip vape. Usually I turn the dial on it to 50% of the maximum, but this time I did more like 33%. You'll have to play around with the settings to find the right one, but the idea is to get a reasonable amount of vapor on the lowest heat setting possible, because we want to avoid burning the weed at all costs. The vape was hitting pretty decently still, he took about 5-8 slow inhales off of it. I took the whip off to look at the bud and it was still a greenish color, I cranked it up to 50% and finished to bowl because he said he was done. We went and had a cigarette and he was definitely blazed. He felt find the whole time, he said he had head spins when he closed his eyes, but anyone whose ever tried to go to sleep while really blazed know that that's common. Otherwise he's fine, today he woke up with no problems or issues, he feels great.

    So, in conclusion, if you or someone you know suffers from a marijuana allergy, but wants to partake in the toke, try some brownies or a vape out! I suppose it's possible that someone else may be allergic to the psychoactive itself, so please use caution when testing it out, but if your symptoms are the same then most likely you'll be fine.

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