Marijuana and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by olliegrow, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. olliegrow

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    Ive been smoking non stop for about 2 years because of daily stress in my life and marijuan WAS helping but a few months back it caused me to have an anxiety attack, i was just sitting, relaxing and smoking and whamm! I started to get real scared, shake, sweat and couldnt calm down. I sat like that for about 6 hours and when it didnt go away I dragged myself to the ER. My blood pressure was very high and I was trembling an my palms were sweating like crazy, I couldnt focus on anything and terrified! The doctor though it was my thyroid or some adrenal gland that was making me race, I didnt tell him about my addiction fearing some trouble so he said I had a Anxiety Attack caused by stress!!! I was given Prozac and Xanex. I went home took the pills and wanted to smoke a little to see if it would relax me....Wrong! It made my heart race all over again but it went away faster than last time. Why did this happen? Because I abused marijuana too much daily. I took the pill for a month and felt better, since then I still smoke but take it easy, sometimes my heart srtats to race and I have to take a break....Anyone else?????????
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    Are you sure the weed you got wasn't laced with something?
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    Weed causes anxiety attacks in lots of people, Killerweed, and doesn't necessarily have to have been laced. THC does that to lots of folks, as our long history of posts about this very subject attests to. You can find that reaction listed among all standard possible negative interactions with cannabis, too, like on Erowid.

    The solutions for folks who have this reaction are fairly easy choices To stop smoking weed. To only smoke when you're in a particularly cool, calm frame of mind, and even then you might still have a panicky response. Or to try and find or grow your own Indica or Indica-dominant strains for a more sedating, calming effect. Sativas tend to be worse about producing the panic/heart-racing response.
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  4. olliegrow

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    Humm I never though of the specific strain would have something to do with it but it makes sense, because some stuff I smoke and Im high and relaxed others my hearts racing and im a little freaked out...Thanks Birdgirl
  5. bro777

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    hey ollie,
    i also suffer from anxiety while smoking weed,it caused me to quit for almost a decade.
    anyway i still get the occasional anxiety attack but im finding for me cannabis is becoming a spiritual/meditational activity.
    how that affects my use is i only take between 1 to 2 hits then im done
    my attacks are seldom now and i have xanax on hand for when they do.
    also the above posts about frame of mind/strain are dead on
    i stay away from sativa and avoid haze like the plague.
    remember that our minds are so strong we can "talk" ourselves into almost anything even dying.
    so do the opposite when your not stoned think about how and why u like cannabis and how it helps others in need.also if you dont have much control over the types of weed you get trichrome color also helps you will want amber/red for a more body buzz.
    ok i hope i've helped in some small way
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  6. olliegrow

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    Thanks bro777, Im still sober today, been 2 weeks since the anxiety attack and Ive been thinking about smoking but am too scared. I believe you and know its in my head as far as the comfort level goes when smoking, sometimes I just freak out because I was thinking about it too much when I was High, also the sativas and schwag would make me feel like I was going to lose control. I love cannabis and have been using for years on a daily and now this?? I hope I can go back to it...thanks again bro777
  7. smokestoomuch

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    i have serious anxiety problems matey i was on diazepan for ages while i was smoking weed i stopped those stupid pills coz i was getting addicted to them i went on them for a year and then stopped and been smoking since i was 15 and now 24. The anxiety gets so bad when i smoke that my haert beats fast, i sweat, and my stomach beats like i have a pulse in my stomach but i also have ADHD so i cant sit and relax without weed so i know exactly how u feel matey all i can say is smoke with friends who u can smoke with ( dont act like muppets) or in ur own environment dont let the anxiety take over try and keep it on an evn keel as you know u have anxiety amd the smoke gets you more anxious so try and stay in the coolest, most relaxed places friends, at home etc until your anxiety stables. its hard to explain but i keep my anxiety cool as i smoke in the rite places wiv the rite ppl.

    When i have no weed i am very anxious and cant control myself its very bad!!

    peace bro hope its all cool for you in the future

    keep toking, keep smiling, keep burning :Rasta:
  8. olliegrow

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    Well im still sober, gonna wait a full month before I start again, I'll tell everyone how I handle it when I start. It sucks but I wonder why it happened to me all of a sudden? Ive been smoing non-stop for 2 years and never a problem, just that one day a couple weeks ago I was stressed out and smoke and Wham! Heart felt like it was gonna burst, started shakeing, sweeting, blood pressure went up to about 160 and couldnt relax until I was in the ER!! They said I had a anxiety attack?? But I wonder if it was the weed or my stress level?? Thanks everyone for the feedback, keep it coming. Peace
  9. Coelho

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    Well... i think it was a combination of both. Sativa strains can make you anxious, or even paranoid. Im sure most newbies that freak out smoked sativa ones. So if you was already stressed, and smoked some sativa, probably the anxiety caused by the weed increased the anxiety caused by the stress and you had the anxiety attack.
    I would suggest you to smoke indica strains, as pure as possible. Indicas are relaxing and stress relieving, so it would help you.
  10. urbals

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    Hey, my brother has those anxiety attacks when he smokes, I dont know why I never had 'em. I think he just gets really bombed on just a little smoke. He takes cannaclear like, 5 or 10 minutes, after he smokes, he also uses visine everytime, he says it controls his anxiety attacks, hope it helps!
  11. Dream of the iris

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    I'm so tired of seeing people say this! Just because someone had a bad trip on weed does not mean it was laced! Everyone reacts differently! Stop saying this!
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  12. couch-potato

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    I suggest you take a single hit - then see what happens.
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  13. olliegrow

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    Well my weed wasnt laced, all the doctors Ive talked to told me that over use(chonic use) is going to have neative affect eventually. You can have too much THC in your system! Your not going to die but instead have anxiety problems because the THC and cannaboloids in yourbrain and your nervouse system are affected by everyday smoking! And thats a fact, my doctors some pro marijuana and some against it all agreed, too much of anything with have effects on you eventually. Ive smoked, high grade for ever and now i take a break every couple of days and its not a problem. I have no other medical problems or on any other medications so I know it was the chronic use of high grade marijuana, sucks to say it but I know its true...if you have the same problems take a break and you'll feel alot the reasearch on the chemical found in cannabis and how they afffect your body, you'll be suprised. Respect your herb and your body and you will live a better high life!! Peace and be Safe...
  14. dorothyleanne

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    Hi, does anyone know why I feel scared and shit when I smoke ?
  15. denial102

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    Yes, it's likely a fight flight response usually brought on by emergent psychological (usually pre-existing) stress.. Delta9 has a significant effect on the brain and adrenaline release. If you consider it a fight flight response you will need to psychologically address the problem if you wish to continue use (don't expect someone to kill you when you walk downstairs in the dark to get milk, don't worry about noises you hear in your back garden, and if you do, try not to get hypersensitive - self control is possible - honest!).

  16. denial102

    denial102 Registered+

    I found this article which is notably TOTALLY unrelated. A lot of you will however relate to the symptoms.. though:

    Dealing With Trauma by Dr Maurice Kouguell

    * Hypervigilance: being on guard all the time.
    * Intrusive imagery such as flashbacks.
    * Extreme sensitivity to light and sound.
    * Hyperactivity, restlessness.
    * Exaggerated emotional and startled reaction to noise, quick movements, etc.
    * Nightmares and night terrors.
    * Abrupt mood swings such as rage reaction, temper tantrums, shame.
    * Reduced ability to deal with stress (easily stressed out).
    * Difficulty sleeping
    * Fear of going crazy
    * Other symptoms include: panic attacks, phobias, anxiety
    * Mental blankness, or spaciness
    * Avoiding circumstances which remind one of the previous experience
    * Attraction to dangerous situations
    * Frequent anger or crying
    * Mood swings
    * Exaggerated or diminished sexual activity
    * Amnesia and forgetfulness
    * Inability to love, nurture or bond with other individuals
    * Fear of dying or having a shortened life

  17. zebulon

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    I have the same problems as many here...if i smoke weed i get anxious...I was really thinking about quitting....but getting high is such a great thing, it helps me to deal whit many things, i NEED it, so i couldn't just stop smoking weed....

    What helped me was, i realized this is only psychological, and now i enjoy smoking again...i only take 1-2 hits at one time....wait a few minutes, and if i feel the anxiety coming, i go for a walk, take a ride whit a bicycle, drink water, i keep myself busy whit something so i don't pay attention to the faster heart rate, and i KNOW this is only in my head, i will not get a heart attack, i just simply calm myself...I don't smoke that much now, so i get really baked...and i try to smoke my own grown weed, because that causes far less times anxiety, and also eating weed is good for me, or green dragon...
  18. Ghengis Chron

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    It's so great to read people experiencing the same issues I am when I smoke. It wasn't always like this for me, but beginning of the summer, I had a mental breakdown of sorts, and have been experiencing it ever since. I do have bad anxiety, however I do believe it will subside once I get some things straightened out in my life.

    Before my issue, smoking weed absolutely controlled my life. I was high a majority of any given day. If I had weed, i'de wake up in the morning and have to smoke it right away. I was a complete stoner. Now, I still get high once in awhile, but it's far and in between, usually once a week.
  19. StickyIcky66

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    Iv come to find a brilliant system for combating this which is really logical and makes full sense(i think lol). The reason that people have anxiety attacks after weed is because there is an underlying problem which automatically gets blown up and focused on when high. Even if you are unaware of the issue, its all locked in your subconcious, and weed opens up the minds flood gates. ie the creativity blasts and what not. My way in combating this and in helping me all round in being a stronger and more in control person is MEDITATING. For anyone unfamilliar with meditating, its about delving into your sub-concious and releasing inner stresses(can be felt through body twitches) and in the same way as weed, facing your inner demons! I think being high is just an over energetic meditation, which gets u VERY deep VERY fast....sometimes TOO fast for some. It makes sense that someone with a lot of issues will eventually find it tough. This is why i believe to always have a powerful and blissful high where creativity and enlightenment happens....MEDITATE :) Dont meditate high at first but once u feel ur grounded enough, well, its a wonderfully powerfull experience to combine the both. Just to let you know im not a very spiritual person or anything but iv been meditating for a bout a year now and as a person who was once ALWAYS anxious, ALWAYS uncomfortable and genuinely un happy in my mind....i have came to be so grounded in my mind, calm and collected....and most of all HAPPY! I kinda went off the trail here a bit lol. I just felt i had to say something. I meditate through Holosync technology. Excellent!!!

    and happy Highs!! ;-)
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  20. Coelho

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    ^^^^ Thats true. Very good post! :thumbsup:

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