Marijuana and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by olliegrow, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. StickyIcky66

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    Im also the same when it comes to different strains and deal with anxiety bouts. i never know wat im getting so its so much harder to tell. Some types make me feel very relaxed and happy and some just make me light-headed and panicy!! Hate having to test my luck AFTER buying!

    Today i got some Orange Bud and its DEFINITELY Orange bud. Its nice to know.....havent smoked it yet. Just wondering is this strain good for Anxiety? Any experience with it?

  2. SnSstealth

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    I have had a few of the Orange bud (cali) is damn good for the bud dense? or airy?....look at the leaf can KINDA tell if its predominantly indica...
  3. StickyIcky66

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    Hey....not to sure how to tell but i can tell u the buds are fat chunky firm nuggets? heavy looking babies:thumbsup::jointsmile:

    Is that what you mean by dense? lol
  4. SnSstealth

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    yeah...a gentle squeeze will tell ya density...there are dense sativas, but as a GENERAL rule, wider leaflets darker color, and density are indica traits...hard to tell on a dried nug, but you can get an idea...
  5. StickyIcky66

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    Yup they'r very dense.....a darkish colour on some of the little leaves still around the bud too!! Nice amber hairs.

    This should do the job for anxiety so yeah?
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    I have the same exact problem you can even see my post on the forum. What I do is I've realized that the increased heart rate does absolutely nothing, it can't kill you all it does is make you uncomfortable so I just keep telling myself it's nothing and that works. I also realize that weed can't kill you so whenever I'm feeling really bad I just tell myself it can't kill me and I just lay down somewhere, even if it's on the ground it's better to lay down on the ground then freak out.

    Also don't take too many hits. Take like 1 or 2 hits and then save the rest for later, if you feel you're not high then take a few more, but if you start to feel panicky or increased heart rate then stop.

    I considered quitting but I just said fuck that, getting high is way too good of a feeling to give up.
  7. SnoopDoggyDog

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    Try to use paragraphs next time because that was hell to read.

    That story, however was very scary. I've had my heart rate go up to 100 but NEVER 150. I can't imagine what that would feel like. What I think your problem was is that you took 2 too many hits. Just take 1 hit at a time and that's it and take relatively small hits. That way if you do have a panic attack it won''t be as severe and you can use that panic attack as experience to find out how to better deal with future panic attacks.

    Also, learn as much about panic attacks as you can. I did and it helps me tremendously. Like I said, ever since I learned that the increased heart rate can't kill me It's stopped bothering me. I also learned that this happens to a lot of people and those people are still smoking which means they were able to get through it and you can too. Also panic attacks can only last for I think 15 minutes at a time so remember that and you can kind of count down when the panic attack will end. And also you will not die from weed. Just use all of this as reassurance. I do this all the time and it helped me on 4/20 when I actually smoked $20 worth of weed with no problems at all. Really, you'll get through this.

    And are you having any problems at all unrelated to weed? Because if you're stressed while smoking then you're gonna get more panic attacks. Try to resolve whatever it is that's bothering you

    I hope this helps. Seeing someone in the same position as me makes me sad because I don't think anyone deserves to go through this. Having a panic attack is one of the worst feelings ever so I hope this helps you out.
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    Erowid Experience Vaults: Clonazepam & Cannabis - Conquered My Anxiety - 35836

    This article touches on some important information about the combination of benzodiazepenes and cannabis--and how they work together.
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    I have no idea man, either you're trippin' or someone slipped a little something in your weed man... My man, my homie tripped out like that once, alittle different though... It was back in the ol' days: we were just smoking with my bong, you know, we are chillin'. then we get back in, and he started trippin balls man! He started asking me if he had pissed his pants,man it was sick! he was paranoid!! Apparently he was burning up, he got some kind of fever from the weed!! I had smoked the same amount, but i couldn't stop laughing, but was standing there dead serious as if he had seen a ghost saying: "Dude! DID I PISS MY PANTS??!"... It was fucked up - Excuse my french -

    "What do i do with it?" - You're supposed to smoke it not look at it...
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    Essencevfx, I altered your post above to reflect simple sharing of the article/information and take out your personal recommendations about specific medicines. It's important that people on this forum share information but steer away from recommending specific medicines or combinations of medicines to others. We need to leave that to physicians, pharmacists, and other credentialed practitioners.
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    fair enough . Thanks :thumbsup:
  12. StickyIcky66

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    Right said id follow up on my previous question about orange bud and being good for anxiety!


    Well i lit up yesterday with the strain for the first time.....the setting prob wasnt the best as firstly i had just finished working out at the gym....also had an empty stomach lol!!

    I took a TINY bit of bud...pea sized! Put it into my pipe...while observing the heavily coated thc crystals(like nothing i had seen before)....excitedly i took 3 average sized hits off my little glass pipe and put it down......GOOD LORD!!!!!!

    I have never felt that stoned in my life!! kept getting heavier and heavier for about ten minutes to the point where my head and neck was EXTREMELY numb. This sudden feeling of being WAY TOO STONED at the wrong time(i had stuff to do) didnt help and i started getting anxious nervous feelings. Very proud of myself as i held it off and after an hour of being TOO stoned i got an earthly calm like never before. If i had let the anxiety take over i was definitely into a Whitey!! NOT FUN!! Next time i shall only be hittin it ONCE :stoned::stoned::stoned:

    Truley heavy shit!!

    Orange Bud i salute you!!:Rasta:
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    It's a damn shame that I cant smoke bud anymore... Out of nowhere I developed this anxiety disorder. Now when I smoke I get an anxiety attack, & it's scary. Feels like your body is going to shut down, my breathing gets heavy, palms sweat like crazy, my stomach is in knots, and i feel very anxious. I hope It wasnt the bud, But I did start taking a whole lot of bodybuilding supplements that had some hormonal effects. Combined maybe with the bud, it Created this anxiety. I now wake up with sweaty palms, and a tight tummy. Anyone else have a similar experience..? Ive been sober off of bud for 2 weeks now...It's easy not smoking, its just I enjoy it. Sigh.... Does this anxiety stuff ever go away..? im sorry for hijacking this thread, its just I want some advice or answers. Im taking Protonix, propranolol, N some nausea promethizine stuff.. anyone similar cases..? I Always outsmoke everyone and never get phazed, I even outsmoke the workers at dispenseries in L.A. ..But Now this..? lost...:cool:
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    Holosync meditation

    :thumbsup: Hey I was just wanting to say thanks for the post on Holosync. I had questions about blazing and Holosync and this was the only place I found any body else with experience. I was having some major anxiety about it and it really helped a lot to find someone else with some insight. Thanks!
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    Well you know panic attacks can develop out of nowhere. Check my other posts for advice but currently I'm still trying to overcome my paranoia of weed. I always have panic attacks just before smoking but I try and face my fears of sorts and just smoke anyway. Each time I have crazy panic attacks before smoking (I'm able to control it though) but while high I have the time of my life and I can't wait to do it again. Although the next time I smoke I still have the pre-smoking paranoia.

    First thing you have to is acknowledge the fact that weed can't kill you, the most it can do is raise your heartbeat and make you uncomfortable. Try to ignore your heartrate but if you just can't do it then just lay down for a while. Also what else I do is just remember all the good times I've had while high and just think to myself how ridiculous it is that I'm getting panic attacks from something that has only brought joy to my life.

    Start out taking 2 or 3 hits and do not let anyone peer pressure you into taking more hits. This is very important because you have to find your limit. If you take more hits then you can handle then you'll never overcome your anxiety.

    Now this may or may not work for you. About 2 months ago I started becoming paranoid of weed but I kept on smoking and facing my fears until I would be able to smoke as much as I used to. And now after about 1 month of taking 3 hits each time I smoked I'm ready to finally smoke a whole blunt again and all my anxiety has practically vanished. So as I said this may all be some stupid shit that means absolutely nothing and just makes things worse but I'm just sharing with you what worked for me.

    Good luck, and I hope you can enjoy being high out of your mind for many more years.:Rasta:
  16. Kitarist

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    Ok so lets say a little story here.

    I've been into out of body experiences etc.. for a long time.
    I used to get high to have out of body experience. (i smoke usually 3x a month)

    Now a strange thing happened. I got stoned and after i wasnt stoned anymore i still got that weird feeling in my chest like its opened or something.

    This is almost the 7th day and i still have that feeling. It's like my emotions are lower i dont feel so much and i can mostly only feel that feel (its like adrenaline and like theres a hole in my chest)

    I posted the the above post in some other forums and they told me it's anxiety for sure. Did anyone have this weird feeling for 7 days or more (i still have it atm but its getting better).

    I'm not a everyday smoker but when i smoke i smoke very strong stuff so i'm almost trippin.

    I hope everything will get better
  17. SnoopDoggyDog

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    I don't think it's anxiety. I had the same problem too. I smoked this stuff and it just made me dumber for the time I was high. When I became sober I was still dumb. I was still feeling the effects of the weed for 4 days and then on the 5th day I felt my normal self again.

    The point is, the feeling will probably go away and by how you're describing it it's not anxiety.
  18. Kitarist

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    Well did you also feel the chest feeling like theres a hole like you cant feel it. You are also right i still feel like i'm a little bit stoned but its not so strong. It's like that afterglow effect you have hehe

    And yes its getting better day by day it's possible that i have too much THC in my body and it cant handle it. I rode that it can take MAX a month to get back sober again.
  19. SnoopDoggyDog

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    No, I didn't feel any chest pain but I didn't feel the high over there so that's why. I say just enjoy the feeling of being half high, it actually feels pretty cool once you get past the fact that it isn't permanent.:jointsmile:
  20. RobPA

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    This happened to me actually after making some super-strong Edibles that were truely way to strong. Hasent happened since. Is it both indicas and SAtivas taht make you this way? I notice I am able to function socially when using sativas, but with indicas i just get totally wacked and paranoid so I like doing that in a relaxing setting.

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