Marijuana and Anxiety

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    definitely has to do with sativas, i have anxiety disorder, and am hypo-manic...and i get panic attacks alot...there are VERY few sativa dominant strains i can smoke anymore, but there are also alot of great strains for anxiety...think i posted them in this thread a while back...I also have had the dumb-after feeling...but it only lasted a day or 2, and was after 4/
    basically its a weed hangover, thats all:thumbsup:
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    Thanks for the link, SnSstealth. I had actually wondered for a while if the THC/CBD ratio in cannabis had anything to do with helping or causing anxiety.

    Around here, most mids are indica, dank is sativa. Works for me.
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    well, for those who think indica wont make you anxious, 2 weeks ago i got one panic attack from my afgani lol,
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    Sorry this is so massive, just wanted to post my story as it is the main reason I joined this forum, (anxiety and weed issues), and maybe some other people can get help from this info.

    Cool, some other people that have the same problems as me!
    Not cool for you, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but it's good to know.
    I always got bagged out for getting panic attacks until one of my friends brothers got the same thing so my friend realised how bad it was.

    I have OCD and have for a VERY long time, since I can remember, like 3-4 years old. I started smoking weed sometime between ages of 14-16. I used to get so high and it was just AWESOME, laughing for hours! Laughing at feeling like I was being sucked into the chair etc.

    Then one day I smoked WAY to much red haired, sticky skunk and I flipped out, but looking back it wasn't THAT bad. But then a few months later I started smoking again every day and one day all of a sudden I thought, fuck what if someone laced this with acid or something. And I thought I would totally flip out and go crazy and shit. All normal things during a panic attack. Anyway I couldn't leave the house for weeks and when I did I just felt sick and anxious. Took me months to get back to normal, finally got some anti-depressants and Xanax on prescription and I am relatively back to normal, or how I used to be before smoking. That's if I take my meds anyway.

    However, my OCD is still progressing as it always has been, this also leads to more anxiety. So I'm looking into errrr.... how do i put this.... overcoming my fear of dealers lacing my weed by uhhh, cutting out the middle man.

    So this will help with some of my problems hopefully and not just while I am smoking but afterwards aswell. Just as people have mentioned bad effects lasting afterwards, I am hoping the good effects can last afterwards also. Like does anyone else get the feeling for a long time after smoking where you lie down and feel your body spinning like when you're high? It's very similar to the meditation feeling of being very relaxed.
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    I also get anxiety, even when I'm not high anymore...

    I've tried Prozac, lexapro, xanax

    for both depression and anxiety

    none have worked for the depression except marijuana

    the anxiety, the xanax works for perfectly but I cannot get Xanax prescribed to me, they just want to try SSRI's on me so I said F it and looked into some natural remedies and got myself some valerian root capsules they work pretty good. It's no xanax, but it works pretty good! :thumbsup:
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    I too have been on prozac,ativa,xanax,buspar,trazadone..blah blah...but like revanche, pot helped better than all the others in any just gotta find the strains that suit your needs...MOST of anxiety from pot is sativa related...try afghani's, diesels, kush's...any of your "heavy" indica/indica crosses...thats whats helped for me and many i have suggested to...hope it helps
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    sounds like my relatives! they all partake in herby

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    SAME! God it's annoying, the doctor still giving me it but only one script at a time and i'm meant to be weaning myself off it. So my natural remedy is hopefully going to be weed, these forums have been great so far for seeing what causes anxiety from smoking etc.
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    I found myself caught in a panic attack after smoking sativa strains as well.I don't like to talk to my friends about my health issues,
    so when im smoking with them(they like smoking sativa) sometimes I smoke the wrong strain and my anxiety starts to kick in,I usually try and keep calm but sometimes it gets really bad, I mean it gets to a point where i get tremors and it gets hard for me to stand still.
    so when that happens i have to rap it up and get out as soon as I'm done smoking, and I realized that it pisses my friends of when i do that.I wish i could tell them what my problem is but its hard for me to do that. not to mention I am a social phobic and i also suffer from OCD so i hate to even think of what my friends might think of me. I'm on Prozac but I don't really like it sometimes it helps at other times I feel like it makes me more anxious and I feel restless.I'm thinkin about telling my doctor i wanna stop taking them but idk

    I can always count on some good ol'indica to take care of all that plus my insomnia and depression.:D Since i dont have my MMJ card its a lil hard for me to find what im looking for.
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    Here's a technique for all those that suffer from anxiety while high. While stoned, one reason I noticed that getting high can be scary is because it makes you more present. Now, bear with me here. While stoned, if you really notice it, you feel timeless, very here in the moment. It's why the Hindus feel it is a gift from the god Shiva. It's a presence-inducing substance. Next time you get stoned, try to be more aware of this presence. Feel yourself being in the moment, realize that you are here. Realize that this presence is what all of life is and that there is nothing to be afraid of. You'll be surprised at how calm you can get just from that simple awareness. It works for me, although I can understand that some anxiety stems from deeper problems. This simple technique is useful mainly for the occasional anxiety sufferers. Try it out and see if it works for you. It's a bit spiritual, but I feel it holds fundamental truths.
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    just the opposite

    i find all of this funny because marijuana actually helps with my anxiety attacks, if i feel like i am having an anxiety attack it usually does the trick
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    ive been looking for someone that has this too....:O
    basically i smoked some pretty strong stuff last saturday
    im pretty inexperienced and usually i freak out, i make the mistake of smoking in the most inappropriate places at the wrong time. but i geuss im learning (hopefully).

    i smoked the TINIEST amount in my back yard and didnt feel much at first, when i settled down back indoors i suddenly had some sort of realisation that im losing it and im in serious danger (lol).

    so i started pacing around the place and whatnot, my friends didnt really help -_-. it was a pretty gay night overall and from past experience i knew that id feel pretty freaky for about 5 days afterwards (i smoked my first blunt at home then went into town at about 1 oclock in teh day).

    Its been a week now and i still feel like i have brain damage and find it hard to get to sleep for fear of talking to myself :S... (im not sure about the whole in teh chest thing though)

    i REALLY would like to know the period of time that it takes for this to pass. Because it doesnt seem clear at all, one site will say ten years, another will say this shouldnt happen at all its ridiculous,gahhh .O_O. because like that guy said, i feel like im trapped in the present, its okay for a little while (or when i get hammered) but i have college, and i feel like im guna throw up in every frikkin lesson.

    i think thats all,
    plees halp meh :(
    big love xox :D
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    Anxiety, and returning to smoking again: Please read and respond - Page 4 - Forums
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    i feel for you

    heres the thing, i loove weed. i used to love just unwinding at the end of the day with a blunt and some music cuz i am a fairly depressed person and liked to just escape reality for a little. i was an every day smoker for about 3 years ive been smokin for 4 and im so pissed off cause i get panic attacks when i smoke now too its horrible. i quit for about a month after my second panic attack just started again a couple weeks ago and the other night i had another one after smokin a nice amount. this really sucks because i miss the feeling of just being retardedly stoned but now i could barely smoke or ill either A have an attack or B think im going to have one the whole time which usually almost starts one. i mean i could still smoke but it has to be when im at home and i no i got no where to go but to sleep and i still feel somewhat anxious when i do that....shits beat. i wonder if i smoked an indica if it would be different but unfortunatly where i am its impossible to know what your getting. anyway i feel for your situation i just had to respond because ive been lookin all oer the place for a solution so i could keep smokin but it looks like im gonna have to quit..never would have though the one thing that relieved my stress the most causes it now
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    key word here is

    INDICA.100% hope this helps.
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    Okay here's my story.

    I smoked yesterday and was fine till i lost my high then i panicked and felt like i was still high and my mind was numb and i couldnt focus on anything, I almost felt delirious. I smoked today before church and was fine when I lost my high. but after church we smoked again and i panicked and now I feel like before I feel like my mind is permanantly high or numb.
    Please help?
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    Anxiety Attacks/Panic Attacks/Pain Management And Marijuana

    Anxiety Attacks/Panic Attacks/Pain Management And Marijuana:

    I have been a heavy pot smoker most my adult life. At the age of 16 I started using recreationally, I am currently 37. Over the past decade or even more the only time I am not high/smoking was when I was sleeping, seriously. Because of my work being a massage therapist and owning my own clinic, I was able to live this life style without it affecting my every day life. So I thought. I have no medical problems, healthy as they come and had a possitive/healthy state of mind and well-being. About 2 months ago from this day I had a severe anxiety/panic attack. So severe I had to call 911 and go to the hospital. I thought I was going to die, having a heart attack. This was my first time ever experiencing an attack. I didn't even know what they really were until they explained at the hospital. Thank goodness that has been my only "severe" attack in the past 2 months although I have had two smaller ones and am still in the "critical" stage of this ordeal. Why I am posting this is because of what I found out after seeing numerous doctors and doing my own research over the past couple of months. I saw two MDs, psychiatrist and a psychologist. After sitting down with each one and being honest about my marijuana abuse for so long they all told me the same thing, "I have over-dosed and have been over dosing on the levels of THC in my system for to long.". This affects the GABA receptors which when affected will produce the feelings of depression and will cause panic/anxiety disorders among other things. These are both results in my case of an abnormal interference with the GABA receptors caused by long term over dosing of marijuana.

    Each person's body is different of course and moderation is always key. You always hear how marijuana is natural and what not and all these great things about it. Through all my experiences with weed and especially now, I don't agree. Once again in moderation, fine. In certain medical cases after the patient has tried everything else, why not? Especially cancer patients and what not. But for pain? I just don't think marijuana is the answer. At first it may work for the individual especially if THC is new to the body. Just the new feeling of being "high" can be enough of a new sensation to the body that it may interfere positively to the pain cycle. But like with everything else our bodies build up tolerances and the more THC that is put in to the body for a duration of time is only opening the door to more unrelated problems to the pain, like severe anxiety.

    From what my doctors told me and through my research I have found that pot isn't all that it is made out to be. Especially these days where pot has become stronger and stronger and more unhealthy chemicals in them as well which is mostly dependent on how it was grown (certain toxic fertilizers/water sources/ground soil and so on) are just a couple factors. I have been told by professionals that I will feel like a new man once all the THC is out of my system and allow time for my brain to literally heal. I know there are other issues and factors at work here. But I was very relieved. So relieved I cried in one of the doctor's offices when they told me this because I thought I was going crazy. I am currently on pharmaceutical medication for the first time in my life. I am taking the lowest dosage possible(other then not taking any) of Alprazolam and the same with Lamotrigine. The Alpra to calm the daily anxiety symptoms I still experience and the Lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer. I have always gone the natural/nutritional path but in certain situations like this one I felt I had little choice. It is still unclear how long it will take to get the majority of the THC out of my system. My system which has had it in it for so long and so much. And it also unclear how long it will take for my brain to almost fully recover to a healthier state. I was told 4-6 months and I should start noticing a difference from not having it in my system anymore. All I know is I have been pot free for 2 months now and don't plan on using it again. I don't even miss it, which is great! I got scared shitless and that was all I needed to quit. I hope over the next couple months I can ween off the medications and start going the natural route. I am ready to heal. I am ready for peace. I am ready for a sense of "well-being". And for me my friends, marijuana robbed me of those things. I'm at fault of course because of my depth of usage. But, don't let anyone fool you about marijuana. Although, no body has died from an overdose, overdosing is real and is a very common and a very valid thing that leads to other disorders. You would be surprised how many conditions/problems are misdiagnosed and the underlying cause was the overdosing of THC in the body's system. There's a long list and I included the website. Marijuana overdose Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments and Causes -

    Once again, I am not anti-pot as long as it used in moderation but I am not a fan of people medicating themselves with it. You may become very dependent of it and it may for you open the door to more serious medical problems. Don't forget marijuana alters our brain and it's functions. Have fun but don't be like me. Once again, moderation is key. I am a drastic example of what large amounts of THC for extended amount/s of time can do your body's system. I have smoked it all, this strand that strand;Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Israel... it's still THC. "Thoughts become things" if you truly believe pot will help you on a cellular level then maybe it will. But still the facts are the facts. I hoped I helped some of you by using my experiences to guide some light on this topic. Take it from a veteran-over-the-top smoker.

    Thanks for putting up with my rambling. Just trying to help and inform from my experiences..
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    I don't know why all those clickable links showed up. Don't click on any of them other then the website link near the end if interested. When I clicked on the green links it took me to some b.s. where I couldn't click "back" to get back here. Just a heads up. May peace and happiness always find you :)

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