Marijuana and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by olliegrow, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Hi ollie,

    Remember of that our minds are so strong we be able to "conversation us" in barely something even dying. Then do the contrary one when it’s done not stone thinks about as and because or like marijuana and as help others in need.

    I also suffer from anxiety upon smoking herb little mischief, caused give me up for barely a decade. Anyway I still I receive the occasional attack of anxiety but I find for myself marijuana becomes-itself an activity of spiritual/meditation.

    I remain far from sativa and avoid fog as the pest.
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    Hi guys, i am new to this forum and i have a story to tell and maybe you guys can tell me whats going on with me.

    I started smoking marijuana when i was 16 years old (I am now 20). I would smoke quite a bit and feel fine. Everything was fine and dandy until this past year. One day my brother and i were driving to work. He had rolled a joint and we smoked half of it on the way there and saved the rest of it on the way back. When i took a hit, and i mean lung-buster, i started feeling so weird. I could not catch my breath, and i had to tell my brother to pull over because i was freaking out. I decided that we go ahead to work. When we get there my heart was racing so fast it was unbelievable. My hands were tensing/clenching up; feeling numb and tingly and my eyes were twitching back and forth. after drinking some Gatorade and eating a little something, trying to calm my self and taking deep breaths, this all went away but felt so weak afterwards.

    Ever since that first episode, i have had about 4 or 5 more like it this past year but please do note that this ONLY HAPPENS WEN I SMOKE MARIJUANA and it will go away about 30 minutes later.
    It doesn't matter what strain i smoke, how i feel before smoking it, how much i smoke or anything.

    Now a couple days ago, i hit a gravity bong of some reggie, and it triggered this again only this time the symptoms i mentioned above haven't gone away after stop smoking. I cant sleep, If i walk around or do anything strenuous my heart start to beat rapidly and occasionally palpitations in the heart and numbness and tingling in my legs and arms. I went to the Emergency Room last night and they said the EKG they took of my heart came back clean and my blood work was excellent other than some low potassium levels (which they gave me some potassium pills for that) basically they said there was nothing life threatening for them to keep me there. Does this sound like an anxiety or panic attack? or something else wrong with me? Somebody please help. i feel like this almost everyday since i took that hit of weed and i dont really feel much better. now but my brother gave me a quarter of a Zanex and it has given me the ability to type this right now without flipping the hell out. any ideas?
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    :jointsmile:Dynesty Omen,

    I'd say get your Potassium back to normal and wait. Since, you are having a problem with your Potassium level. You need to correct that first. And start eating, at least a banana a day (at your age), try potassium rich foods..oranges, avocado, potato off the top of my head, there are plenty. Get on a good well balanced diet.

    You sound like you are having issues with hyperventilation, to me.
    Try breathing in a brown bag.
    Generally, the signs you are reporting, are more of a result of Hyperventilation.
    Not much else, can't believe the ER, did not pick up, on that. Unless, you only reported your rapid pulse. The increase in your pulse, can be associated with the pot. However, it doesn't really sound like that is the problem. Your pulse will go down. There are threads here on how to address it. And if it was up, in the ER, they would not have let you out with it elevated.

    I'd deal with one issue at a time. Get your emotions balanced, with your diet.

    THEN I would try a non-sativa. And I can tell you, most people really don't have a clue if their bud has sativa in it or not. So, all the more reason to find some Indica and learn to grow. The growing will help you with your anxieties. However, they seem, relatively mild.

    I must tell you though. To be perfectly honest.. I also felt you had a hang-over(using that word lightly) and might be dehydrated. And thats all I got for ya! Hope someone else chimes in! :Rasta: pr
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    Funny I was reading some of this (couldn't get through all of it) and I have some of the same symptoms myself. I am normally a very anxious person and have actually been to therapy a few times for this and have been even prescribed with some low dose medicine for it. I stopped taking it though as I felt I was getting better and didn't like how unbalanced I felt sometimes when taking it and then if I missed a few days or whatever. My point is I get anxiety attacks sometimes when I smoke pot. It doesn't happen very often but I do get them. Now im going to pay attention and even try and notate down what I smoke and what effects it has on me. Maybe ill try and stick more to indica from now on. Not sure I can completely stop smoking sativa as I like the cloudy head high some of them give, but ill definitely be more careful
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    May I ask what sort of meditation you're doing? A specific type of yoga? martial arts?

    I've been an anxiety sufferer all my life and want to try soemthing proven to work on someone else! thanks
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    from 2008, that's what's up.
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    Smoking is always injurious to health. Marijuan is helpful if you take it as a medicine. Always remember before using marijuan you have to consult with some health expert.
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    Hey olliegrow! Oh really sorry to hear that you have faced a lot of problems due to Marijauna. But one of my friend has gone through this Marijauna treatment, he did not face any kind of issues or anxiety after using Marijauna. I would like to suggest that you should contact to a medical person related to Marijauna.
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    Sorry to start out so strong, but you are my first of the day and you are a moron. Marijuana is not addictive, therefore there is no "withdrawal stage" that someone needs to go through. The only addiction people get to pot is a mental desire to repeat a pleasant experience, but there is NO physical addiction. Anxiety is also not so far common (check your english) ... let me correct that for you. Anxiety is not very common among heavy and frequent weed users. I know you were trying to say that it is very common, but that simply is not true, and again I call you a moron. Pot is prescribed to many people, PTSD sufferers for instance, TO REDUCE ANXIETY. Now... please take your Dr. Md. spammy BS somewhere else... we here at are smarter than this.
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    Begone, foul parasite!
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