Marijuana and Male Sexuality

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    I've been perusing a copy of Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld's The New Male Sexuality, a well-respected standard reference work on sexual health and sexuality for men and adolescent boys. It's a sort of owner's manual for the penis and also contains information on common sexual issues and problems faced by single men and couples. In the back of the book, there is a table, "Effects of Street Drugs on Male Sexual Function." Here is what Dr. Zilbergeld has to say about marijuana in particular:

    Acute, Low-dose: increased desire, increased sensuality, delayed ejaculation
    Acute, High-dose: decreased desire, erection problems, anorgasmia
    Chronic: Dose-dependent increased/decreased desire, delayed ejaculation, erection problems, anorgasmia
    Withdrawal: Return to preexisting function (may include sexual boredom and premature ejaculation)
    Recovery: Return to normal sexual functioning.​

    Gentlemen, what are your thoughts? I've been a smoker now for fifteen years, at least half of that time, a chronic user. When I saw this chart, I realized that it more-or-less matches my own experience. I often smoke before sex, often heavily because of my high tolerance. I'm only a little ashamed to admit that marijuana has a big effect on the time it takes to reach orgasm, and this in turn affects the activities and kinds of sex I choose to engage in. I know this is true in my case, without a doubt. For example, during periods of light or no use, I enjoy oral sex much more. When I smoke heavily, I proceed more quickly to intercourse, often eschewing oral or other forms of foreplay, because intercourse represents the fastest route to orgasm.

    I've been smoking (and having sex) long enough to know that the increased feelings of intimacy, sensuality and empathy caused by marijuana add zest to the sex lives of committed partners, but I think pot may have less salutary effects as well, especially when used heavily. I'm curious to know if other guys share this opinion, or if any of you have noticed other correlations between your sexual function and cannabis use.
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    Cannabis is far safer then Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra. NO life threatening side effects. And to answer the topic question, I don't have problems and if it extends pleasure time before the orgasm, which it can, the more power to it. Although its been a while!!! :D
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    hahaha ok why when I first glanced at this post I was thinking... how to determine if a plants a male? wow lol
    But Idk If anything it makes me perform at all star level lol...
    I don't always smoke before sex but the times I do... boy oh boy lol... The cowboy hat stays on the door a while... a long while...:thumbsup:
    So for me I think its amazing, love that plant of mine lol...
    One Love...
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