Marijuana and the liver

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    Long story short, i was born with a rare liver disease and had a liver transplant almost going on 4 years ago now and actually didnt start smoking marijuana at all until 3 years post transplant. I am a regular cannabis smoker (not alot, probably less then a gram a day, every day) and everytime i smoke(I actually use a vaporizer 90% of the time), I get a kind of weird discomfort in my liver area. It is not necessarily painful, but is uncomfortable. I thought this was a bad sign but i get a blood test that checks my liver numbers every month and not only are the numbers great, but seem to be getting better over time. so my question is, does anyone remotely have a clue what this discomfort might be or any information about this.
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    :thumbsup:Most likely not the pot. :jointsmile: Regardless, you do need a physical examination to determine what that pain is. Too many variables. Maybe, presume the reason you are having your liver tests (or why you got a transplant) regularly, due to: Medication or pre-existing risks. Which makes it more important to check with your physician. Very important you check with your M.D.

    You may want to research the benefits of marijuana on the liver.:Rasta: pr
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    yes the blood tests are to check how much medication i need to take (immunosuppressants)
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    You might want to look at Granny StormCrows list here and find yours, read about it. It is a sticky here or Google/Bing it. pr
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    you need to consult with your health professional .

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