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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jadeyaya, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. jadeyaya

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    This has been bugging me for ages, and I've been searching the 'net like a madwoman. Hopefully someone can put this to rest.

    So usually people buy their marijuana in these units: eighths, grams, quarters, half-quarters, etc, from people. How many eighths in a gram? How many grams in a quarter? Half quarter? How much marijuana in a dime-sack? Fifty? I'm just confused as to all this mathematical stuff. Thanks in advance to those who can help me out.
  2. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    3.5 grams in an eighth
    2 eights = 1 quarter = 7 grams
    2 quarters = 1 half = 14-15 grams
    2 halfs = 1 ounce = 28-29 grams
  3. Deepsuthern

    Deepsuthern Registered+

    3.54g = 1/8th
    7.08g = 1/4
  4. Rhymenocerus

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    go with what blitzed said. I don't know anyone who measures THAT exact Deepsuthern
  5. snowblind

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    but u gotta to allow to dealer discrepencies and the fact they are going to make money off it. so depending on the dealer the smaller the amount you buy the less likely it will be spot on to the correct fraction in grams. like a 10 bag in the uk should by devisions me 1/16 og an ounce which is about 1.6 gs but dealers are unscroupios so it maybe as low as 1.1 1.2 gs but then you dont have to buy of them.

    hope that helps

  6. Deepsuthern

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    I don't measure that exact, my scale only goes to .1 g, I just figured that someone would like to know that info for a better judgement of a bag weight..
  7. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    4oz = quarter poud = qp or quad
    2 qp's = half pound = 8 oz
    2 halfs = 1 pound = 16 oz
  8. gt420z

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    is yours wieghed b4 or after it goes into a baggie
  9. Rhymenocerus

    Rhymenocerus Registered+

    fair enough
  10. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    Always before an average sammich baggy, weighs bout .9 to 1.3 grams, if you are talking average chronic prices, thats a 20 dollar plastic bag.. :(
  11. PaRanOiD81

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    and not to forget that a dime is just $10 and nickel is $5 and all dependant on strains. Example, I spend 20 bucks and got a about 6 grams of weed, lil under a quarter but thats straight schwag(dirt weed) but good shit will probably get me like a gram or so if I'm lucky. Its all relative ya know?
  12. ukmonkey

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    I dont know anyone in the uk thats deals in grams, but does anyone know how much a bar is? (cos my dealers always getting them)
  13. jadeyaya

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  14. Megaz

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    Here's a chart for quick reference.

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  15. LaZ

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    Weed taught me the metric system.:jointsmile:

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