marijuana cough?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Bong ripper420, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Bong ripper420

    Bong ripper420 Registered+

    does smoking weed cause you to get a cold or cough, because i usually smoke once every two weeks but yesterdayi smoked 3 big bowls and i have a real bad cold. any relation.
  2. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    You could just have a cold. I have one too, so I've been lone stoning so I don't give it to anyone.
  3. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

    no, you cannot get a cold from smoking marijuana. it wouldve come up in previous studies of health effects, because god knows any other minute exploit in marijuana wouldve been torn open and taken out of proportion.
  4. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    You said it bro.
  5. Agressor1

    Agressor1 Registered+

    Doesn't it lower your immune system?

    I have a lot of friends right now that are new to smoking and they recently did quite a bit and most got sick.

    Even my friend who got me into weed got sick,

    I think it might be pipe-sharing, or homemade shit, but I thought marijuana lowers your immune when you do a ton.
  6. Professor Dan K.

    Professor Dan K. Registered+

    Im almost positive its pipe sharing. get a group of people putting their lips on one small peice of glass and inhaling is asking to spread germs.

    ive had my share of chron cough where i take such a big rip im still coughing from it later cuz my lungs are cashed...

    but ive never gone as far to say ive gotten a cold from the herb itself
  7. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

  8. Bong ripper420

    Bong ripper420 Registered+

    i think it was probably pipe sharing cause i used my sisters pipe and she had mono a few weeks ago.
  9. ballllin

    ballllin Registered+

    ^ that's gross...
  10. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

    yeah... thats gross.. i really agree lol
  11. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    blunts sometimes make me have a little cough for like a half hour after i smoke one. but the answer is no, it didnt make u sick. unless ur like allergic to it.

    hmmm i wonder if anyone in the world IS allergic to weed? i mean it is a plant
  12. Matt the Funk

    Matt the Funk Registered+

    Lol I just realized that smoking in a group is kind of nasty. I got sick one time after blazing everyday for a month and not smoking for a few days.
  13. smokeblunts3

    smokeblunts3 Registered+

    I've heard that blazin lowers your immune system but i also heard in health that drinking soda lowers your immune system. But i don't wanna belive any so called "facts" in my health class because there is a poster on the wall the one that says "So you think weed isn't so bad? Well smoking one marijuana cigarete has the same amount of chemicals as if you smoked 4 cigarete's"

    You could have gotten that cold from anywhere a door handle in school or some random kid that was coughing like a foot away from you or some shit you just didn't realize it at the time. If you pay attention when one person has a cold in a place like school seems like everyone does.
  14. Chronic.Tonic

    Chronic.Tonic Registered+

    You better pray you only have a cold. Thats some sketchy stuff right there.
  15. Knucklecallus420

    Knucklecallus420 Registered+

  16. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    Cannabis may give you a smoker's cough but not a cold. You get colds from viruses.
  17. Captain Hanks

    Captain Hanks Registered+

    I'm sure your just sick.
  18. zsouj

    zsouj Registered+

    I DO think (from my own experience) that MJ lowers your immune system (a little bit), my suggestion: 500mg or 1000mg Vitamin-C everyday and problem solved, toke happily :)

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