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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by marijuanavillebilly, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. marijuanavillebilly

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    ok ive seen it done it and smoked it! stalks of cloned buds not cloned leaves will cause the stem to get larger each time cloned and if cloned enough the stem will be the size of your arm.
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    i dont understand what your saying.

    you clone buds? i know its possible but why not start w/ a plant in veg growth?

    what exactly is causing the stem to get bigger? do you mean the cloned stem? or the mother plant?

    if your saying the clone, then your not making sense... clarify?
    if your saying the mother, then ok you stated that a plant will grow. pretty obvious.

    why would you have a cloning mother in flowering anyway? wouldnt you want to keep her in veg?

    and what does this have to do with grafting two plants together? you dont mention grafting at all in your post.
  3. klondike_bar

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    cloning dont mean grafting, so i dont have a clue what this guy is blabbering about. considering hes only made 6 posts over more than a month, he reminds me of one of those people who join, say they roll 1oz blunts daily, or grafted 3 plants together, and never back it up
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    if this doesnt get turned into a relevant post soon it will dissapear, will somone please post some info on grafting? it sound ineresting!

    trivial... but interesting!
  5. DurbanStone

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  6. SantaClawz

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    Is it like skin grafting?
  7. JDMBoy420

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  8. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    yes, and no.

    same idea: different living skin on human host.
    but of course, skin isnt mary jane...

    its when you (usually) cut off a chunk of the host plant's stem to expose the fleshy parts that carry nutrients and water, and affix a freshly cut branch of another plant.

    this is especially common with trees (especially fruit)
  9. marijuanavillebilly

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  10. BobBong

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    something like that would take years of development.. you need to explain what you're trying to describe a lot better.
  11. Rusty Trichome

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    I've heard of folks trying to graft mmj cuttings to a mature hops host-plant, before. Something about hops being a close genetic relative of mmj, but yielded negative results.
    Why would you even want to graft cannabis together like that? Growing/keeping moms for grafting would be easier, wouldn't it? (Sure would be a bitch to work around too, lol)
  12. bicflikr

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    liar. just stop its getting old we see through it

    your comparing those two conjoined trees to some marijuana plants?
    will you just stop posting? please no-one believes you, we can see right through your bull. its tiring.

    rhizome!! can you shed some light on this grafting thing?

    Ive seen it done with a tomato and a potato but that didn't make a topatoe. it made a tomato ant potato plant stuck together.
    although it would be interesting to see that done with pot, trivial... but interesting
  13. stinkyattic

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    You CAN graft Cannabis to Humulus.
    This yields a hops plant that supports bits of a pot plant to grow buds on a vine... stealth, but less than practical.
    Hops is a perennial and weed is an annual. You still have to re-do the graft each year since the cannabis dies back in winter.
  14. Rusty Trichome

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    My bad...I thought I heard something about the hops host not providing the cannabis graft proper nutrient compounds for thc/cbd/cbn development. Grows...yes, grows

    At least I had some of the story right, I think. :stoned:
  15. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Stony... interesting... that's a question for Rhizome for certain!
    I had not heard of any inability to produce resins after the graft... huh... doesn't mean it's not true.
  16. klondike_bar

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    it will work, its just very pointless except for looking cool
  17. Rusty Trichome

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    As I said...I remember hearing about this, but I have no experience with actually doing it.
    Regardless...doesn't seem too practical to me. Would be interested in what it would do for the beer, tho.
  18. misslilly

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    Hello everyone, On the subject of the MJ hops grafting. I have a book called "The Connoisseur's Handbook of Marijuana" by Willaim Daniel Drake Jr. Copyright 1971. A Fireside book, published by Simon and Schuster. It's a really cool book. Has history, old propaganda cartoons, and in chapter 5 " Botany and Cultivation" it has a section on the MJ/hops grafting. It refers to investigations done in the early 40's by the US government, a private foundation in Washington and a major eastern university, in work done for the government as part of the war effortin searching for the strong fiber/no drug hemp plant strain. It goes on to say, the report states that 'Reciprocal grafts were made, at ground level, between...hemp and hops(Humulus Lupulus). Those combinations in which hemp stems were grafted onto hops roots failed, but the combination of hops stems on hemp roots were successful & permitted assays to be made. Hops leaves from these unions were found to contain as much drug as leaves from intact hemp plants, even though leaves from intact hops plants were completely nontoxic. I haven't tried this myself yet but it is on my list of things that I want to do. But it talks about the drug being on the leaves not the hops themselves I would think the beer thing would be out. But if it's on the leaves maybe be able to make Hash with it ? I'm fairly new to growing and I am only on my second year of growing outside. And with my lack of patience not wanting to have to wait until next year I've got a really great wife who has allowed me to start a grow in side. With luck on my side and a few seeds I got out of a friends bag (the seed I have had for my outside grow are not that great, mids at best. the weed from my friend was much better stuff.) I had 3 seeds sprout. One male, one female and one mutant. Both male and female are great looking plants. The female is a fantastic mother plant, lots of shoots for cuttings. I've taken 16 so far and there are many more that I could take now if I wanted. I could probably take 20 more today if I wanted and the plant is only 8 weeks old. I hope to post photo's soon of my grow soon. I could try to post some photo's of the book and the pages on the hops/hemp section if anybody is interested. Let me know and I will try.
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  19. Rusty Trichome

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    Nice...good job misslilly. At least I got half of it semi-correct, lol. I was kidding about the beer, tho. (I have over 10 years of being clean and sober, if you don't count cannabis, caffeine and smokes) Kharma points coming your way.
  20. misslilly

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    Thanks Rusty Trichome, Good for you. Clean and sober a little over a year myself. Just got fed up with the drinking and myself when I was. I always liked smoking better anyway. And by know means am I a heavy smoker but a few good puffs at nite (sometimes during the day, just depends on what I have to do) and I'm good. Plus I have back problems and like the though of it's anti-inflamatory properties. Don't know if is only in my head but I do feel better after a few. I'm serious about the possibility of maybe using it for hash. But without having some to look at under my microscope and seeing it I'm not sure if it could be extracted the same way. Maybe someone here might know. I would think it would be on the leaves like the MJ is. And i'm sure like always it would depend on how good the weed is. I've just started trying to make it with leftover weed (I know what everyone is thinking,"what's that") and my last batch came out really good, better than anything i've ever had. I don't want to just make bubble hash. I'm trying to make something that is like old world black hash. Like I told my wife,"something that would be hand pressed by young virgins in some temple in the far or near east". I don't want to make crap, I want to make something to be proud of. Still need to do more research. I have some good photo's of the last one that I am going to try to post sometime soon. But again I'm new here and am just learning my way around the site.

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