Marijuana Plant Budding 10+ Weeks (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by highdeas, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. highdeas

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    Okay so basically my friend went off to college and left me his three plants that he hid in the wild. They are about a foot in length and got the seeds from a baggy he picked up of some decent bud.

    They have been planted since the beginning of summer they smell beautiful. I believe they are females because from what I can tell it looks like they are budding please confirm this for me.

    I currently have moved them from their original location to a better place. By looking at the pictures I would appreciate it if you guys could point me in the right position as to the next step I should take.

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  2. LuciferN

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    You GOT to keep them in a 12/12 schedule or else you may come out with hermies (both sex, male and female. In a light leak enviroment (no light in). They look good, just check something, The pistils on the buds are white or brown, give us a approx. %... This will give us a clue is there near ready or not... My guess is that they need a few week, maybe more... You should get a microscope at least 60x to see the trichomes. You should read that: Text
    Take the time to search on the forum and read the parts you find interisting in the FAQs there a lot of good stuff there and you'll see it worth it !
  3. highdeas

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    Thanks, the pistils are whitish- light green but tend to get a purplish-gold color at the tip like an amber color.

    Also am I able to clone these plants? I would like to plant a few more within the next day.
  4. LuciferN

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    Clonning a plant that far into flowering... You can try, but may be hard and remember this stress you're plants.
  5. highdeas

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    Alright now my next question is this. How much do you think a plant like that will yield. From the looks of it I couldn't even see it producing more than 8 grams.

    Also should I let it continue to grow outside or should I grow it inside now? If so what would be the best method to do so with such a small plant?

  6. LuciferN

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    They used to be outdoor ? If yes you can put them back out in the wild, if you keep them inside be sure to respect the 12/12 and remember NO LIGTH IN. As for the yeild that is a really good question, remember they will losse 3/4 of the weight in the process. I have not idea how big they are, try to take a picture with a common object (lighter, Smoke pack or even a rule). I'm sticking around, waitting to see it.
  7. TheMetal1

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    Want $.02...

    It's going to be really difficult to achieve full potential with your newly aquired plants. They are definitely budding females... so that's a plus :thumbsup:

    Ideally, each of those plants would normally require their own pot. Did you pull them out of the ground and place them into the container... or were they already in it and growing outdoors? Since they are fully flowering you probably can't seperate them without severely damaging the roots. If anything, I would suggest you at least weed the pots. No need for unnecessary vegetation in the already limited soil space. If you are going to complete the life cycle indoors... you will need to make a serious attempt at providing an adequate grow environment (light/dark/food/ventilation, etc.). You won't be able to just leave it under a bedroom incandescent and water it if you expect anything more than what's already there... and possibly not even that.
    I would suggest you keep them outdoors to provide the appropriate light and schedule. Possibly getting some food for them... but that's a pretty tricky situation you got there. I'd wait for others to comment. Maybe they have some sweet surgical techniques to get those babies apart... or inform you that they have about 4 days to live :hippy:
    Good luck :stoned:
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  8. redrosesforabluelady

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    you'll probobly only get like a 1/4 ounce cause there not that big.. i wouldnt hope for anything more then that... but if you get more, congrats lol
  9. SnSstealth

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    put em back outside and be happy with it. it would be more hassle and cost more than it would be worth at the stage they're in, like the one said already they're that small due mainly because of the 3 plants in one pot. maybe get some bloom feed for the next two weeks(walmart n the depot sell em too), wait another 2 after that then chop depending how they look. and even if you could take clones this late, it dosent look like you have any viable branches anyway.:twocents:
  10. redrosesforabluelady

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  11. O'skool

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    what ever you choose to do whether inside or out 1st thing is to get them some food...depending on where you at you might have a full month of flowering to go...if you can find a bigger pot and gently transplant, making sure not to mess too much with roots (i wouldn't try breaking the roots up to separate the plants at this point)...then you can always reveg them for your next run...
    Good luck
  12. Amon1amarth

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    How did you get them to bud so early in the growth ive never seen a plant like that bud that fast outdoors
  13. thecontender

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    oh yeah

    look like females to me. I have been growing the same plants outdoors since thebeginning of summer. they are huge, but with no bud.
  14. highdeas

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    Thanks everyone for your input. I am going to get some food for them tomorrow some (bloom feed) also is their any other useful things I can purchase to nourish them so that they can flower into much more. I feel their may also be a chance that their are bugs that may be inhabiting my plants what do you recommend spraying the plants with to avoid bugs or kill bugs.

    Also anyone with adequate information on how I can transplant them each into separate pots I would greatly appreciate it. Or would it be better to just transplant the entire thing to a larger pot?

    One more thing last night one of my buddies decided it would interesting to try and smoke a flowering bud. He pulled off about 2 grams very small nugs. He did manage to get a beautiful high he said but I was kinda upset cause I was afraid their was a chance he damaged the plant. Is their a possibility he could have hurt or killed the plant or is it perfectly fine and it just will be a little smaller yield.

    Okay well I do have another question how would I be able to preserve this plant after I harvest it? I would like to clone it somehow so I can plant more.

    Thanks for all the quick help.
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  15. cannawish

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    sorry no clones for you

    You won't be able to clone these because it's too far along in the flowering process....for preserving them, there are lots of threads about some minimal research...and dry them out until the stem breaks. breaks not bends. the buds will be drier than what you're used to smoking, but they will get some moisture back when you store them.
  16. cannawish

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    sorry no clones for you

    You won't be able to clone these because it's too far along in the flowering process....for preserving them, there are lots of threads about some minimal research...and dry them out until the stem breaks. breaks not bends. the buds will be drier than what you're used to smoking, but they will get some moisture back when you store them.
  17. lunarose

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    Like everyone said its too late to clone. The only way to preserve her is by getting some pollen and polinate a couple of her bud sites. I won't try to transplant them not at this point. Definitely females. Neem oil works well for bugs but you don't want to use it if you are within 2-3 weeks from harvest. Leave her outside but put her in a dark room for 36 hours right before harvest. You won't get a big yield but getting any yield with three plants sharing a pot. You friend taking a taste won't ruin it but with such small plants you don't want him to try it again(G)
  18. serpentine5

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    Looking at those pictures....
    The pic named: CIMG1001.jpg you have two female and one male.
    The center and the one on the left are fems, and the one on the right is a male....
    I would need to see the nodes better, but from what I see that what I see... Here is the pic with the nodes I am seeing circled....
    What do you think guys? Am I right? or am I seeing things?

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  19. LuciferN

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    All these plant are female that's for sure... The male plants don't bud !
    So worst case you got an hermie. The picture is blurry so I can't tell for sure. Is it only one big thing or a cluster of small balls ?
  20. serpentine5

    serpentine5 Registered+

    What I see on the left is just a single sack... the pix are not good for sexing, he needs to get pix of the joint nodes to see if male female or hermie....

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