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    Marijuana potency: Raw vs. cooked vs. smoked
    I’m sure this has been kicked around forever, but I would have thought that it would have been an exact science by now because of how long it’s been used in the USA and especially around the world. Now I’m looking for some good answers to my questions, and I’m sure a lot of other people’s questions also.
    I got back into using marijuana steady last year and had been using it off and on since 1965.
    I prefer edibles because I have asthma, and even using a bag if the pot is not high-grade I cough my head off. In my experiments over the last year. I’ve found that edibles are more potent and last longer, more bang for your buck. This is from accurate measurements, i.e. doing the math, and calculating the amount used like having the same amount in a brownie as you would use in a Pipe, Bong, Vape or Bag for one person. I even did a test for 10 days eating raw good quality Bud. I got the least effect out of eating raw pot, then Pipe, Bong, Vape or Bag was quite a bit better but none of the above beat out the edibles, at least for me, the high is more intense, and lasts longer. I will never have to sneak off to a dark corner at Disneyland again for a few Tokes, LOL.
    The basic canna butter recipes call for real butter or extra virgin olive oil, I’ll stick with those 2 ingredients, because I do think they are the best and because we’re talking about cooking $300 worth of pot the price of virgin olive oil is nothing to be concerned about. I fine grind the pot figuring that the finer the grind the better it will cook and extract the THC. Now for the cooking time. I’ve seen recipes from cooking with a microwave, (that I will never try) to cooking anywhere from 2 hours to 22 hours! Using $300 worth of pot I would cook it for 82 hours if that was better. Also what I understand is that THC is THC and it doesn’t matter where it comes from, in other words, if it took 1 ounce of premium Bud to make 2 cups of butter. The end results and potency would be the same as if you used 1 pound of stems or leaves or however much it took to end up with 2 cups of butter. Does that sound correct?
    If I took the time I could do all the cooking experiments myself, but it around $300 an ounce I don’t have the resources for such experiments, (Maybe I can get a government grant, LOL.) So that’s where you guys come in, and I would like to start a post and keep it running for neat ideas and results of experiments that hundreds if not thousands of us pot users have found that works best.
    So basically my questions are:
    1. Best Cooking time 2 hours to 22 hours?
    2. Quality of pot, the cheapest, or the most expensive to achieve the best and results?
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    I've got nothing for ya but I'd like to see this take off a go somewhere...

    :thumbsup: Good luck
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    post in the edibles forum dude.:jointsmile::jointsmile:

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